Assessment Stress: Tips to unwind and beat the blues!

It’s that time of year where the library becomes your second home, you start to forget what daylight looks like and you’re so far beyond stressed that you don’t even have a word to describe what you are… well let me tell you something, it doesn’t all have to be that way. Everyone has different ways they like to unwind, so we’ve compiled a few great ways to de-stress around Liverpool that you can attend for FREE (so as not to add money worries into the mix!). So take a break, try something new and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

Try a Gym Class


How much? FREE for LJMU students
When? Every day until 4pm
Where? Lifestyles Fitness Centres across Liverpool

Did you know that as part of the FREE off-peak Lifestyles membership you get with LJMU, you can attend off-peak classes for free too?! They have a wide range of classes to suit any ability and style of exercise so if you want to relax with Pilates, or you want to unleash some stress with Body Pump, we’re sure it’ll help blow away the cobwebs.

Listen to Classical Music 

phil 23

How much? FREE for LJMU students
When? Thursday 9th May
Where? Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Have you ever listened to classical music whilst studying? Ever thought about seeing some incredible classical music live with a full orchestra? Well… you won’t believe it but there are two upcoming classical shows at the Phil where you can get 2 x FREE tickets for each one. Classical music has been proven to be a great de-stresser, and take it from us, seeing it live is something else. We’ve had plenty of trips to the Phil where our heads were crammed with worries beforehand and by the end we left feeling lighter than a feather!

Giltburg plays Beethoven 1– Thursday 9th May 2019, 7:30pm

Simply call the Philharmonic Box Office on 0151 709 3789 and quote ‘LJMU Student’ to book your tickets today.

Do a Parkrun


How much? FREE
When? Every Saturday at 9:00am
Where? Princes Park (but there are locations all over the UK)

You against the clock, a 5k run, hundreds of people, sweat pouring from every… oh yeah this is meant to be a relaxing blog. Well how about you sign up and head on down to Princes Park for a nice healthy run in the outdoors. It’s open to anyone of any ability and is less of a competition and more of a fun, free and healthy activity you can do in a beautiful setting. There’s nothing like a good run to clear your head.

Wander around Albert Dock & The Tate

tate 1

How much? FREE for LJMU students
When? Every day 9am – 5pm
Where? The Docks

Going for a stroll along the docks is a sure fire way to help you relax and forget about your worries for a little while. As well as the wonderful river Mersey which is impressive in any weather, there are a host of museums and galleries that are all free to access, including the Tate, which is home to some incredible contemporary art. LJMU students get free access to all of their exhibitions all year round.

See the Best Views of Liverpool 


How much? FREE for LJMU students
Where? Liverpool Cathedral
When? Every day 10am-4:30pm (check the website for Twilight Thursday opening times)

Why not try getting as physically far away from your worries as possible, that’ll work, right? It’s worth a shot anyway, and what better place to try it than ‘500ft above sea level,’ at the top of the Liverpool Cathedral. Plus, Twilight Thursday’s is back now, meaning every Thursday from now right through to October you can go up a little later than usual and watch the sunset over Liverpool as the city lights up. It’s a view that’s sure to take your mind off things for a while, and a little reminder (not that any of us need it) of how beautiful this city is.

Go see a free or discounted show

ST_Web image_1400x700-01

How much? FREE or discounted £5 for LJMU students
When and Where? See info below

One of the best ways to escape the worries of the world is to immerse yourself into to a good show. An even better way to pick yourself up is to go see a comedy and have a good old belly laugh, nothing beats the Royal Court Scouse comedies and what’s more is that LJMU students get upto 4 free tickets to some of the shows so you can treat your stressed-out mates also. For slight more, but not breaking-the-bank more, you can pay for a discounted £5 ticket to go watch a classic at either the Everyman or Playhouse theatres. See what’s on below.

Liverpool’s Royal Court: My Fairfield Lady Mon 29th April till Wed 1st May, 8pm 
Everyman: Sweeney ToddFri 12th Apr till 18th May, 7:30pm
Playhouse: Heart of DarknessWed 1st – Sat 4th May, 7:30pm


We would like to wish you all the luck in the world during this tough time and if you are in need of any advice from our Student Engagement Team. The team can be contacted via or by telephone on 0151 231 3664 and drop in availability is shown at

Simply see how to access these and other offers by seeing our booklet by clicking here and looking on our social media pages @LJMUStudentOpps.





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