Meet your Student Opportunities Team

Meet your Student Opportunities team, here to help you make the most of student life at LJMU.


It’s a new year and your Student Opps Team would like to introduce you to their newest member, Allie. You may already be familiar with the other team members (especially the golden oldie, Kimberley) but to find out a little bit more about each one of them, we’ve asked five quick-fire questions:

Allie from LJMU student opportunities

Name: Allie
Role: Student Opportunities Officer of Digital Engagement
Degree achieved: International Fashion Promotion & Digital Marketing MSc
Birth sign: Scorpio (don’t hate me)

1) What’s the best thing about living in Liverpool?
Definitely the people. Scousers are the kindest, funniest people on the planet. It can be hard for others to understand sometimes, but the scouse comedy plays showing at the Royal Court should help you to understand. They’re just one of the many things happening in Liverpool. There’s something fun to do every night of the week, which I love.

2) If you had one superpower, what would it be?
I’d love to be able to teleport. I could go anywhere in the world at the click of a finger – just imagine the money I’d save on flights…

3) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I got to live out my childhood dream and crowdsurfed at a blink-182 gig once, so that’s the coolest thing I will ever do.

4) Which of the Student Opps offers appeals to you the most and why?
Probably the free exhibitions at the Tate gallery. I’m a bit of an art geek and love going for a walk around the Albert Docks whilst seeing some work from some incredible artists. You can see the likes of Schiele, Emin and Matisse, all right here in Liverpool and all for free!

5) What’s the best piece of advice you could give to any current student?
Make the most of life at university. You might feel like you’ve got forever to enjoy yourself but your time here will fly by, so make friends, get out and see the city (with us!) and take everything LJMU has to offer you. You deserve it, after all.

Marcy from LJMU Student Opps

Name: Marcy
Role: Student Opportunities Graduate Intern
Degree achieved: Journalism
Birth sign: Libra

1) What’s the best thing about living in Liverpool?
There is so much to do, no matter where you live. Every area has a cool vibe of it’s own and I love getting around and experiencing new things. The arts scene in Liverpool is also amazing, there are so many creative people who are doing brilliant things, there’s always something on!

2) If you had one superpower, what would it be?
I’d want to be able to pause time and do whatever I want, although I’m afraid I would mostly use it to steal nice glasses from chain restaurants and I don’t know if thieves get to have superpowers, so they would probably be revoked eventually – but at least I’d have a well-stocked kitchen.

3) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I went to New York on my own, and I did a stand-up comedy set in front of a room full of NY comedians. I’m really glad I did it even though I have no idea if I was any good because all I remember is being really glad that I didn’t faint, and that my mum would never hear any of the jokes I’d just said.

4) Which of the Student Opps offers appeals to you the most and why?
The free and £5 tickets to the Everyman, Playhouse and Royal Court are amazing because these theatres offer such a variety of performances and it’s a really good (and cheap!) way to get out and do something different.

5) What’s the best piece of advice you could give to any current student?
Immerse yourself in all  of the cultural offerings of the city! I’d recommend going to see all of the shows that the graduate drama students are doing, there’s loads of really cool original work out there at the moment and it’s a great way to spot up-and-coming talents, and support LJMU alumni. And while your a student, try to make the most out of your SU! Join a society, become a course rep, or go to one of the events that they have planned – who doesn’t want a ton of free stuff, and about 6 bags worth of Domino’s vouchers?

Lewis from LJMU Student Opps team

Name: Lewis
Role: Student Opportunity Officer Intern
Degree achieved: Media Culture Communication
Birth sign: Scorpio

1) What is the best thing of living in Liverpool?
The best thing about living in Liverpool is how much there is going on. Whatever day of the week it is and whatever you’re into there’s something to do.

2) If you had one superpower, what would it be?
An undo button, just for those little slip ups like calling someone the wrong name, knocking someone’s pint over, or dropping your phone down the toilet…

3) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Decided to support Carlisle United.

4) Which of the Student Opps offers appeals to you the most and why?
The Student Opps offer that appeals to me the most is the Royal Court Theatre. Its great that you can take up to 3 other people, even if they’re not students, and because I’m not really into the more high-brow theatre there’s some good, light-hearted Scouse stuff on there.

5) What’s the best piece of advice you could give to any current student?
Organise. If you’re organised with your work from the off you’ll thank yourself for it when it comes to deadline time, set aside time to work and give yourself time to play – that’s important too.


Name: Kimberley
Role: Student Opportunities Coordinator
Degree achieved: Quantity Surveying BSc
Birth sign: Aries (curious – I’d say abit nosey) 

1) What is the best thing about living in Liverpool?
The people! Scousers are such a kind, friendly bunch and really proud of coming from such an amazing city. No wonder the city was crowned the Capital of Culture in 2008, with all the theatres, sports venues, art galleries and not forgetting having the most museums outside of London, the city has so much to offer. Proud to be a Scouser!

2) If you had one superpower, what would it be?
The power to walk through solids (e.g walls, doors), I’ve made a habit of walking into lampposts and always forgetting my keys, so having not need to worry about either of them anymore would be a blessing plus save many injuries.

3) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Beside the Kiwi Experience being one of the most craziest things I’ve ever done, when I was living in Queenstown (New Zealand) I did 3 bungy jumps in one day.

4) Which of the Student Opps offers appeals to you the most and why?
All the offers are great but the Lifestyles, free off-peak membership to all classes, swimming pools and gym facilities in 10 different centres = bargs! Love the free pass upto the top of the Cathedral too but as it’s abit too cold at the mo, the Lifestyles offer has just beaten it to the post.

5) What’s the best piece of advice you could give to any current student?
Enjoy and make the most of every moment of being a student because it will just fly-by and before you know it, it’ll all be over. Get doing things around the city, especially if you plan on leaving Liverpool when you graduate, as you’ll really regret not experiencing everything the city has to offer.

LJMU student opportunities team group picture against zap grafitti wall, Liverpool
LJMU Student Opportunities Team

So, if you ever see our lovely LJMU Student Opportunities team around campus, make sure to come and say hello, and maybe tell us what your superpower would be…

For more information on what the team can offer you during your time at LJMU, see the LJMU Student Opportunities website and your new booklet by clicking here.

LJMU Refreshers

This week’s the Refreshers Fair and with refresh in mind, here’s a little recap of all the fab FREE offers you can get for just being an LJMU student, along with a monthly countdown of all our highlights for the rest this academic year.

JAN – Try a new class at Lifestyles Fitness Centres

Kick-off the New Year with a bang and put your free LJMU Lifestyles pass into action by getting down to your nearest gym and trying a class. There are over 100 fitness classes per week and something for everyone including a fully energised spin classes to the more relaxing yoga.

FEB – Treat your loved ones to some Valentines Classics at Philharmonic

Love is in air… so on 14th Feb enjoy some of the all-time romantic classics played by a live orchestra and be swept away by the vocals of Matthew Ford. What a great way to celebrate LOVE by getting two free tickets for you and your lucky plus-one to have a night out at the Phil. #Bargs

MAREat and see a play in a Chinese Restaurant

Our much-loved Everyman & Playhouse are collaborating with Confucius Institute, University of Liverpool, Angel Restaurant and On the Wire to bring you a totally unique experience. Watch the powerful love-story From shore to shore while eating one of your fave Chines dishes. Tickets start from £17.50 which includes a two-course meal. Great food, live music and moving performance… what’s not to love.

APR – See a free film, Mary Queen of Scots, at the Philharmonic

If you’ve already been interested by the FREE films at the Phil this year, including the blockbuster Mary Poppins (5th Feb 2019) and stuck for something to do during the Spring Break, book tickets for you and a friend to watch another Mary, (Queen of Scots) on the worlds only Waldraw cinema screen. Seeing the screen rise from the stage along with the cutest organist playing a little jingle, is an experience in itself.

MAY – Terrify yourself by watching Sweeney Todd at Everyman

A classic is back on the Everyman stage and for a mere £5, you can buy a ticket to watch this well-known musical during this April and May. Why not use your LJMU 10% discount on food and drink before the show in bistro or café, but only if you can keep it down while witnessing the famous cutthroat story unveil.

JUN – Have a boogy with Lost Soul 2: Smiggers Wrecked Head at The Royal Court

Following the smash hit comedy, Lost Soul, a new sequel to is coming this year. If you’re wanting to experience some of Liverpool’s finest culture while having a laugh with a group of mates then this is for you. Filled with 70’s soul music, you can get upto 4 Free tickets to dance the night away.

JUL – See the best summer views from the top of Liverpool Cathedral 

There’s no better views of our gorgeous city than from one of the highest points in Liverpool up to the top of the Anglican Cathedral. If you’re already there for one the LJMU graduation ceremonies, why not do something memorable and get the best snaps of sunny Liverpool this July. For more info on how to get a ticket just email the team

AUG – Take a walk around the Tate Liverpool

Take a walk down to the Albert Dock this summer and enjoy soaking up the rays while looking across the River Mersey. If you’re feeling a tad thirsty or hungry, stop off at the Tate café where students can get a whopping 20% discount and not to forget the free entry to all exhibitions to go see some of the world’s best art pieces outside of London (LJMU students also get free access to both Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London).

These are just a few of the offers available to you as a LJMU student and for more information just check out our booklet by clicking here or follow us on social media @LJMUStudentOpps

6 ways to beat January blues and start 2019 feeling good

There’s no better time to get some positivity into your life than January. The infamous January blues are in the news, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 6 ways that you can combat those January blues and get 2019 off to a great start.

1. Get some excercise

We think that the mind and body are separate. But what you do with your body can have a powerful effect on your mental wellbeing.

Lifestyles have 13 centres across Liverpool and LJMU students can sign up for your free membership here!

2. Try something new

Trying something new can help make the start of your year a vibrant one. If you’ve never been to the Phil, make sure you take the opportunity to see some classical music at one of Liverpool’s most iconic performance venues. You could also head there to watch a film on their famous Walturdaw screen and introductory organist – an experience in itself.

3. Enjoy some live music

Liverpool is one of the best cities in the world for music, fact. Its rich history has laid the foundation for what is a bustling live music scene in 2019. This Friday, Getintothis’ celebrate two years of their monthly Deep Cuts gigs, with a seven act lineup at Jacaranda Records Phase One (tickets). At the end of this month, the national campaign Independent Venue Week kicks off and Liverpool leads the way with a plethora of events, so you won’t be stuck for live music this January!

4. Have a laugh

Liverpool has funny bones, and nowhere puts that to the test as much as the Royal Court. The final performances of Scouse Cinderella are this week, before the Yellow Breck Road kicks off at the beginning of next month. LJMU students can get up to 4 free tickets for performances at the Royal Court, which are bound to tickle you. This Thursday, though, we’ve got a very special City Social to a performance of Love Bunker, a satirical version of a reality TV show, as part of the First Steps comedy festival, come along!

5. Delve into the world of theatre

We know, we always go on about the theatres in Liverpool. But what can we say? We’re big fans of the fantastic performances this city produces. Not only that, but we’re also big fans of the discounted and free tickets that students can get for theatres like The Everyman and Playhouse. Their Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto: The Snow Queen ends this weekend – so be quick to catch it!

6. Clear your head with a walk down the docks

One of Liverpool’s most famous tourist attractions, the Albert Dock is the perfect place to clear your mind during January. Whether it be assessments or getting back into the swing of things with lectures, a quick walk down to the Mersey can do the world of good. If you’ve a little more time, LJMU students get free entry into Tate Liverpool where you can see some world class art and creativity.

To find out about all the Exclusive Offers available to you as an LJMU student, pick up one of our booklets on campus or click here!

Student Opportunities’ New Year’s Resolutions

So here we are, the Christmas season is over, Veganuary is in full swing, and everybody is rocking back up to work and university. Although we’re only halfway through the academic year, this is a time of fresh starts, so your Student Opportunities Team have been thinking long and hard about the vibes that we want to bring into 2019.


My resolution for this coming 2019 was to do Dry January, but unfortunately I forgot and had a red wine while out for dinner on New Years’ day (epic fail). So to make it easier, I decided to change my resolution to write a gratitude diary each day to list 3 things that I have been thankful for that day.

One of the things that I’m especially thankful for is all the lovely people I meet, whether it’s while talking to students on campus to let them know what offers they can get, or at one of our fabulous City Social events. Getting to watch shows and FREE films (including Mary Poppins Returns), as part of the LJMU exclusive student offers, is definitely something to be thankful for.


nature grass bird meadow sweet flower animal cute wildlife green beak frog fauna fun figure duck yoga funny waterfowl water bird ducks geese and swans

My New Year’s resolution is to try something new. Whether it be throwing myself into yoga, listening to a new band or meeting new people – I want 2019 to be full of new experiences.

Liverpool is a fantastic city for it, there’s loads going on so you’re never stuck for something new to try. One of the things I want to do is watch more live performances, and The Royal Court being free to LJMU students means that it’s far more affordable than other venues.


Image result for greys anatomy callie

This year I’m resolving not to be so hard on myself (I nearly ruined the plot of Grey’s Anatomy for someone last year and haven’t stopped thinking about it to this day – if you’re reading this, I’m really sorry, and hope you’re still enjoying the show xoxo).

I’m also resolving to be more involved in running and being a generally more sporty person. I’m going to use my free off-peak Lifestyles gym membership this year, even if it kills me.


Keith Haring, Untitled 1983 crop [X70882]

My goal for 2019 is to create something every day. Whether it’s an illustration or my (really bad) attempt at knitting. It doesn’t have to take too long either, just 5 minutes of something creative and I’ll be on track!

I’ll have to go down to the Tate Liverpool gallery to get inspired…

💙 For all other offers, be sure to check out our booklet, and follow us on Social Media for updates! 💙

We wish you the happiest of new years, and hope that you can stick to your resolutions better than Kimberly is at avoiding the wine! 🍷

City Socials: Semester Two 18/19

It’s 2019, the start of semester two and time for the announcement of a new line-up of City Socials to kick-start the new year… we’re so excited!!! City Socials are about getting together with other students to find out more about Liverpool and what exclusive offers are available to you as an LJMU student to help you make the most of your time in this incredible city.

We will meet before each event at a different campus location, this will usually be either the Liverpool SU John Foster Social Zone or the foyer of the James Parsons Building. Find out more details about the meeting locations and what’s on by clicking on the links below to our Facebook page (please note these will be added the w/c 7th Jan). If you would like to go to any of the events, please contact or message us on social media. You can find us @LJMUStudentOpps on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

All of the events are FREE and all about having the best experience in Liverpool. Check them out below and don’t forget to use #SOCitySocial if you come along!

Wk| Date (Time)
Event | Venue

17| Tue 15/01 (18.30)
FILM: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald | Philharmonic

17/18| Thu 17/01 – Sun 20/01
CULTURE: First Steps Festival | John Foster Drama Studio

18| Thu 24/01 (18.30)
MUSIC: Mahler 5 | Philharmonic

19| Tue 29/01 (16.00) 
ART: Tate Liverpool tour | Tate

20| Mon 04/02 (19.00)
THEATRE: Yellow Breck Road | Royal Court

20| Tue 05/02 (18.30) 
FILM: Mary Poppins Returns | Philharmonic

21| Thu 14/02 (18.30) 
MUSIC: Valentines Classics | Philharmonic

21| Thu 14/02 (19.00)
FITNESS: Lifestyles Fitness Sessions | Lifestyles Millennium

22| Tue 19/02 (18.30)
THEATRE: Caroline’s Kitchen | Everyman

23| Wed 27/03 (18.30) 
THEATRE: YEP present Crowd | Playhouse

23| Fri 29/03 (12.30)
MUSIC: Bolero | Philharmonic

24| Tues 05/03 (14.30)
ART: Tate Tour | Tate

25| Mon 11/03 (19.00)
THEATRE: Brick Up 2 – The Wrath of Ann Twacky| Royal Court

25| Tues 12/03 (18.30)
THEATRE: The Girl on The Train | Playhouse

25| Wed 13/03 (18.30)
FILM: Stan and Ollie | Philharmonic

26| Thur 21/03 (18.30)
THEATRE: Us Against Whatever | Everyman

26| Fri 22/03 (12.30)
MUSIC: Best of Petrenko | Philharmonic

27| Mon 25/03 (18.30)
THEATRE: Abigail’s Party | Playhouse

28| Thu 04/04 (18.30)
MUSIC: Enchanting Tales | Philharmonic

29| Fri 12/04 (18.30)
THEATRE: Sweeney Todd | Everyman

30| Tue 16/04 (18.30)
FILM: Mary Queen of Scots | Philharmonic

30| Thu 18/04 (18.30) CANCELLED
THEATRE: Around The World In 80 Days | Playhouse

31| Thu 25/04 (TBC)
CULTURE: Culture Crawl Finish at Cathedral

32| Mon 29/04 (19.00)
THEATRE: My Fairfield Lady | Royal Court

33| Thu 09/05 (18.30) CANCELLED
MUSIC: Giltburg plays Beethoven I | Philharmonic


36| 29/05 (14.30)
Culture: Tower Tour | Cathedral

37| Tue 04/06 (18.30)
THEATRE: Cooped | Playhouse

38| Mon 10/06 (19.00)
THEATRE: Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head | Royal Court

38| Thu 13/06 (18.30)
ART: Tate Exhibition Opening | Tate Liverpool

39| Thu 20/06 (TBC)
FITNESS: Lifestyles Gym Sessions and Health Checks | Lifestyles Millennium

41| Thu 04/07 (18.30)
MUSIC: The Music Makers | Philharmonic

42| Tue 09/07 (TBC)
CULTURE: Culture Crawl Finish at Cathedral


We look forward to seeing you there!