Exam Referrals & Deferrals Week: Things to Do

If you’re around this week to do an exam referral or deferral, we know it isn’t without all the normal assessment stress and worry. So if you’re feeling like you need some help keeping your nerves at bay or with anything else, your LJMU Student Advice & Wellbeing Department is here to help. We’ve also compiled a short list of things you can do in Liverpool this week to relax your mind, take a breather and get focused, along with a few suggested places to go for some well-needed celebrations on finishing.

Where to go for help:
All timetable information can be found on the LJMU student intranet. This page also provides any information about the exam, codes of conduct and the exam locations, as well as support for if you cannot sit your exam or require extra exam provision.

Where to switch off for a break:
Tate Liverpool
Museum of Liverpool
Lifestyles Fitness Centres
World Museum

New Brighton


Where to go to celebrate finishing:

Bongo’s Bingo

Baltic Market

Liverpool Grand Central

Concert Square

Mathew Street

Wishing you all the best of luck and see you for the new academic year or even better if it’s your final year, see you at winter graduations. Don’t miss out on all the free or discounted offers and events coming this September… keep a look out on our social media pages for updates and be the first to see what’s on.



Facebook – LJMU Student Opportunities

Twitter – @LJMUStudentOpps




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