Student Hot-desking: Best study spots around Liverpool

Whether you’re in or out of lectures, at uni, the work just doesn’t stop. This can mean a fair few late nights in the library, but after a while, the same old set-up gets uninspiring. Luckily, there are loads of great places to study across the city, all presented to you here in this student hot-desking guide to Liverpool.

Central Library
Ah, from one library to another? This could be boring if Liverpool’s Central Library wasn’t such a sight to behold. With interiors like the one below, and a staircase system which could rival Hogwarts, Liverpool’s Central Library is somewhere you should absolutely spend the occasional study day. Even if you do stop for a photo break every 20 mins….

Hotdesking Central

LEAF on Bold Street
If you’re the sort of person who works well to a great soundtrack and doesn’t get too distracted by chitter chatter, LEAF on Bold Street is the place for you. The ambient lighting is very relaxing and with reasonably priced teas, you can work your way through the flavours without splashing too much cash. There almost always seems to be a seat near a plug available as well which you would expect from every independent cafe.

Hotdesking LEAF

The Garden at FACT

Like LEAF’s famous teas but need a quieter space to study? Try The Garden at FACT,  situated inside FACT Gallery and Picturehouse on Wood Street. Stop for a lunch break, treating yourself to one of their delicious sandwiches, and have a wander around the gallery to help those creative juices flowing.

Garden Cafe - study space

Cafe 38 at the Royal Court Theatre

Our ideal day of hot-desking in Liverpool is perched at one of Cafe 38’s window seats, watching the world pass by. Who knows, one of those passers by could be the basis for a new character or plot line… And for the non-creatives, there are homemade cakes from £2 and plug sockets aplenty, so what’s not to love?

Royal Court Building Image 9

Thoughtfully Cafe
Is this one of the cutest cafes in Liverpool? We think so. With minimal seating and a steady flow of customers, you might be at risk of not getting a table in this lovely little place. However, in the summer months you have the ideal option of working outside, or for more seats and a less busy environment their upstairs space is great too. Whilst there aren’t any plugs going downstairs, it is a bright, light space with a small green park to look out over. Oh and there’s the small matter of the pooch pamper place next door which makes the cafe like an unplanned doggy catwalk. Could there be a better distraction?

Thoughtfully Cafe - Liverpool


Tate Liverpool Cafe
If you’re looking for a space to get those creative juices flowing, it doesn’t get much better than the Cafe at Tate Liverpool. The white walls and colourful flag decorations will keep you focused, and if you need a little distraction or inspiration, there’s a whole art gallery at your fingertips. Don’t forget that LJMU students get 20% off in the cafe too so if you’re in it for the long haul (or… y’know, a whole day), that’s something to bring the cost down a bit. Just don’t forget your LJMU student or staff ID card.



Root Coffee is home to one of the best cups of coffee in the city, and also plenty of plug sockets and charging points, so perfect for a day of hot-desking. Plus, it’s right on the edge of Liverpool ONE, meaning you can treat yourself to a shopping spree once you’ve clicked submit on that essay.

Root Cafe Liverpool

So there we have it; LJMU student hot-desking around Liverpool.
We realise our suggestions might leave a small dent in your budget or even leave you with a coffee addiction… but sometimes it’s important to shake up your routine or treat yourself with a slightly more extravagant study day or even couple of hours. You deserve it!

Got any more to add? Let us know @LJMUStudentOpps or!



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