Intern Opportunity – Come join us!

Fancy being the next LJMU Student Opportunities Intern? If you’ve just graduated and now looking for a new job, or currently doing a Post Graduate at LJMU and need a bit of extra cash then why not apply to join the team on a 9-month internship. You may already be aware of the team and what we do but if not here’s an overview, and even better we’ve got our most recent graduates Lucy and Lewis to tell you first-hand of their experiences interning with us (no bribes were given, we promise!).


Overview: Not only do the team promote free and discounted offers for LJMU students to access some of the city’s finest cultural and sporting venues and experiences, but they also help them get to know the city of Liverpool and have a great experience at Liverpool John Moores University. What’s more, the Student Opportunities Team run events throughout the year to help students; de-stress, meet new people, save money and most of all you make the most of their time spent in Liverpool. From a culture crawl around the city to a yoga class in an art gallery, there are loads of ways the team get LJMU students immersed in city life for FREE. Please see the link to our webpage for more information by clicking here or check out our social media sites @LJMUStudentOpps .

lucyLucy Clarke (LJMU English and Drama graduate): My time working as a Student Opportunities intern has been greatly rewarding. I vaguely remember my first day working with the team, unaware of how much I would enjoy the experience and how much the team would allow us to get involved with. 6 months have truly flown by and I’m very grateful for all the team have done for me. As an intern, they created a relaxed, friendly environment that made raising any questions, queries or concerns easy. I’ve found all their help invaluable and they’ve always encouraged me to be confident and believe in myself.

No two days were the same in the office which I loved as it always keeps you on your toes. You’re not sat behind your desk all day every day. You’ll be out meeting students most days for a couples of hours or other days in a meeting. I’ve also really enjoyed being able to have lots of creative freedom when it came to creating and devising my own projects, the team always supported my ideas and helped me to develop and improve on them.  It’s also been a great experience to be able to explore the culture in Liverpool alongside the students as I’ve been learning as much as they have! I think the team have been amazing at making this a fun, enjoyable experience whilst still enabling us to take on as much responsibility as we wanted to and get involved as much as possible! I would definitely recommend using this internship as a way to push yourself when it comes to creating your own projects. It’s a safe space to experiment and create work that you’re passionate and interested in creating without the pressure of reaching targets, so make sure you enjoy the experience.

lewisLewis Wren (LJMU MSc Creative Writing student): When I first started as a Student Opportunities intern I had a few ideas about what the job may entail and most of them came from an incorrect presumption that it was basically the SU. I quickly realised that this small and dedicated team of people that make up Student Opps are a vital, and often unappreciated, part of what all universities should be striving for.

One thing that was a great shame – and something I was guilty of myself whilst I was at university – was the abundance of students that seemed nonplussed by the free events they could attend on a weekly basis. I tried to think back on what stopped me taking up the offer in my first two years to find answers (it could be the favourable appeal of drunken nights out, or the workload or just sheer laziness) but being a part of this team and putting so much work into interesting events, everything from talking to hundreds of students, making promotion and posting across different social media platforms just to have a handful of students sign up at first frustrated me, until I met those students who did. Events like the City Socials attracted a small but regular group of students each week and once I found out more about them and why they came, it was all well and truly worth it. From international students that felt a sense of displacement to students who were feeling stressed or lonely, or that the ship had sailed after freshers and they didn’t feel they made many friends, these events gave them a place to go, a second chance, or a much needed break from whatever was bothering them. It was an incredibly rewarding thing to witness and managed to warm even my icy, icy heart.

When I was settled into the role I was asked about my interests and was given the chance to make a project that would both sharpen my skills and be a good thing to put on the old CV. I want to be a writer, so I decided to lead a team of student bloggers who would go out to the events, write about them and then send their work to me so I could edit it and post it onto LJMU’s WordPress. Little things like being given the freedom to take this on myself and being constantly encouraged to soak up everything I possibly could so that I could me after the internship ended was a kind of ‘above and beyond’ support that I’ve never had before and it’s something I appreciate more than they will know.


The internship is a great opportunity to learn new skills and have some amazing experiences, whilst most of all having a laugh. If any of this does appeal to you and you’d like to apply then just hit the link


We all look forward to hopefully meeting you.


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