Intern Opportunity – Come join us!

Fancy being the next LJMU Student Opportunities Intern? If you’ve just graduated and now looking for a new job, or currently doing a Post Graduate at LJMU and need a bit of extra cash then why not apply to join the team on a 9-month internship. You may already be aware of the team and what we do but if not here’s an overview, and even better we’ve got our most recent graduates Lucy and Lewis to tell you first-hand of their experiences interning with us (no bribes were given, we promise!).


Overview: Not only do the team promote free and discounted offers for LJMU students to access some of the city’s finest cultural and sporting venues and experiences, but they also help them get to know the city of Liverpool and have a great experience at Liverpool John Moores University. What’s more, the Student Opportunities Team run events throughout the year to help students; de-stress, meet new people, save money and most of all you make the most of their time spent in Liverpool. From a culture crawl around the city to a yoga class in an art gallery, there are loads of ways the team get LJMU students immersed in city life for FREE. Please see the link to our webpage for more information by clicking here or check out our social media sites @LJMUStudentOpps .

lucyLucy Clarke (LJMU English and Drama graduate): My time working as a Student Opportunities intern has been greatly rewarding. I vaguely remember my first day working with the team, unaware of how much I would enjoy the experience and how much the team would allow us to get involved with. 6 months have truly flown by and I’m very grateful for all the team have done for me. As an intern, they created a relaxed, friendly environment that made raising any questions, queries or concerns easy. I’ve found all their help invaluable and they’ve always encouraged me to be confident and believe in myself.

No two days were the same in the office which I loved as it always keeps you on your toes. You’re not sat behind your desk all day every day. You’ll be out meeting students most days for a couples of hours or other days in a meeting. I’ve also really enjoyed being able to have lots of creative freedom when it came to creating and devising my own projects, the team always supported my ideas and helped me to develop and improve on them.  It’s also been a great experience to be able to explore the culture in Liverpool alongside the students as I’ve been learning as much as they have! I think the team have been amazing at making this a fun, enjoyable experience whilst still enabling us to take on as much responsibility as we wanted to and get involved as much as possible! I would definitely recommend using this internship as a way to push yourself when it comes to creating your own projects. It’s a safe space to experiment and create work that you’re passionate and interested in creating without the pressure of reaching targets, so make sure you enjoy the experience.

lewisLewis Wren (LJMU MSc Creative Writing student): When I first started as a Student Opportunities intern I had a few ideas about what the job may entail and most of them came from an incorrect presumption that it was basically the SU. I quickly realised that this small and dedicated team of people that make up Student Opps are a vital, and often unappreciated, part of what all universities should be striving for.

One thing that was a great shame – and something I was guilty of myself whilst I was at university – was the abundance of students that seemed nonplussed by the free events they could attend on a weekly basis. I tried to think back on what stopped me taking up the offer in my first two years to find answers (it could be the favourable appeal of drunken nights out, or the workload or just sheer laziness) but being a part of this team and putting so much work into interesting events, everything from talking to hundreds of students, making promotion and posting across different social media platforms just to have a handful of students sign up at first frustrated me, until I met those students who did. Events like the City Socials attracted a small but regular group of students each week and once I found out more about them and why they came, it was all well and truly worth it. From international students that felt a sense of displacement to students who were feeling stressed or lonely, or that the ship had sailed after freshers and they didn’t feel they made many friends, these events gave them a place to go, a second chance, or a much needed break from whatever was bothering them. It was an incredibly rewarding thing to witness and managed to warm even my icy, icy heart.

When I was settled into the role I was asked about my interests and was given the chance to make a project that would both sharpen my skills and be a good thing to put on the old CV. I want to be a writer, so I decided to lead a team of student bloggers who would go out to the events, write about them and then send their work to me so I could edit it and post it onto LJMU’s WordPress. Little things like being given the freedom to take this on myself and being constantly encouraged to soak up everything I possibly could so that I could me after the internship ended was a kind of ‘above and beyond’ support that I’ve never had before and it’s something I appreciate more than they will know.


The internship is a great opportunity to learn new skills and have some amazing experiences, whilst most of all having a laugh. If any of this does appeal to you and you’d like to apply then just hit the link


We all look forward to hopefully meeting you.


Graduation 2018: All of the Offers

We can’t quite believe that it’s almost that time of year again, but next week we get to celebrate the incredible achievements of our LJMU students at the Summer 2018 Graduation!! Whether graduating with an undergraduate degree or picking up your doctorate, you’ve all worked so hard and deserve to have a fantastic day celebrating YOU.

So whilst you’re around the city, and for many of you with friends and family in toe, we’ve drawn up a list of food discounts and things you can do with over Grad week. It’s gonna be a good one!

Liverpool Cathedral
I mean, it doesn’t get closer than the actual building you’re graduating in right?! The beautiful Liverpool Cathedral is a great place to visit all times of the year, but filled with the excitement of graduation, it’s on another level.

Things To Do: Whilst you’re in there for graduation, why not use the opportunity to visit the Cathedral Tower? The views are incredible, and it would be a brilliant way of showing a plus one friend or family member your fab city in a short space of time, not to mention a total Liverpool bucket list activity! Tickets can be accessed from your LJMU Student Opportunities Team office (0151 231 3714) or from the SAW Central reception desk in the Aquinas Building.


Royal Court Theatre

Food To Eat – The Royal Court’s Courtyard Bar & Kitchen will be offering graduates and their families 3 plates and a glass of fizz for £20. They have also kindly said that if graduates just want to go in for a drink, they can have a free glass of fizz on them if you can prove you’re a graduate!

courtyard bar and kitchen restaurant 2
Courtyard Graduate Ad 210618 3 (002)

Everyman Theatre

Things To Do – There is a fantastic play to see every single night of the week at the Everyman next week as the Rep Company wow us with their final week of performances. The full list of what’s on and when can be found here. Tickets are just £5 for LJMU students and anyone who qualifies for YEP membership, and around £16 for any other adults. If you’re willing to risk it and wait though there could be some last minute cheaper tickets on the doors!

Food To Eat – Throughout Graduation Week the Everyman Bistro will also be offering bottomless Pimms cream teas. Yes you heard right. BOTTOMLESS PIMMS AND CAKES. Wow. More details about prices and so on will be released on the @liveveryplate Twitter/Instagram site over the next few days!


Tate Liverpool

Whilst the Tate is a little further to walk than other places in the City Centre, it shouldn’t take much more than 15 mins from the Cathedral and is a great location to show off the Docks to your friends and family.

Things To Do – On next week at the Tate are Constellations, which is a collection of the best pieces from the nation’s collection of modern art, Life in Motion: Egon Schiele/Francesca Woodman featuring drawings and photography from two fantastic artists, and Open Eye Gallery and XUZHEN®’s Physique of Consciousness workshop, which will be ‘the first cultural fitness exercise ever made’. Whilst all are free for LJMU students, non-students must pay £12.50 on the door or £10 if booking in advance for the Egon Schiele/Francesca Woodman exhibition.

Food To Eat
– As always the Tate Cafe will be open 10am-5pm every day throughout graduation. The light and bright space will be great on a sunny day and will offer a slightly different vibe to other restaurants, cafes and bars in the city. LJMU students can get 10% off all orders by flashing your LJMU student ID card.


National Museums Liverpool
Things To Do: You’ll all know by now that Liverpool has an amazing selection of museums dotted around the city, with National Museums Liverpool boasting 8 museums and galleries as in the pic below. Entry is free for many of them including the Museum of Liverpool, which is currently displaying the Double Fantasy exhibition which tells the story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their own words. Don’t forget that LJMU students can go to see the fantastic Terracotta Warriors in the World Museum as well for just £2. Whilst the discount doesn’t apply for friends and family, this is a once in a lifetime experience and well worth the ticket price for anyone visiting the city!

On top of LJMU’s cultural partnerships, there are some other brilliant Graduation food offers around Liverpool. You can check out the official LJMU Graduation page to find some fab deals around the Hope St area here or just have a search on Google or Twitter.

Whatever you do, have a ball…
We are so proud – congratulations to you all!

Summer Socials with Student Opps

City Socials might have finished for the summer, but there are still so many great things going on over the next few months that we just couldn’t bear to leave it another 3 months without meeting up. So if you’re a PGR student, a PGT student, on a March-start course or just sticking around in Liverpool over the summer, come along!

As usual, we’ll be meeting up before the events in the LSU John Foster Social Zone and walking down/up to wherever the event is. Unfortunately as these events are not part of the City Socials project, some of the events will have a very small cost attached so just remember to bring money along if you need to 🙂 To sign up for any of the events, please email or message us on social media at least by midday on the day of the event. There might hopefully be some room for people to just turn up, but it you book on beforehand it just means you are guaranteed a place!

So in chronological order, here they are:

Event: Film – The Shape of Water
Date: Tue 3rd July
Location: Liverpool Philharmonic
Price: FREE
I know we go on about it all the time, but seeing a film at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall really is an amazing experience; from the Walturdaw screen to the resident organist, to the Art Deco building to the fact it’s FREE… how can you resist?! On the 3rd July we’ll be going to watch this year’s big Oscar-winner ‘The Shape of Water’ in this beautiful setting. If you haven’t already heard much about the film, the basic plot follows a mute caretaker who falls in love with a sea creature…. so it should be interesting!

Cinema screen

Event: Mam! I’m ‘Ere
Date: Tue 17th July
Location: Royal Court Theatre
Price: FREE
From the tranquil shores of Greece to… err a caravan site in Wales… this is a tale you already know but with a brilliant Scouse twist (and absolutely no Abba songs in sight). This Royal Court classic is packed full of all our favourite cast members, and is set to have you boogieing out of the theatre with sore sides from all the laughter. Please note there are other free tickets for the performance of Mam! I’m ‘Ere on the Monday 16th July, but we will be taking a small group to see the show with a FREE meal beforehand! Tickets are very limited so book in asap if your want to come along.


Event: Twilight Thursdays
Date: Thursday 26th July
Location: Liverpool Cathedral
Price: FREE
We’re very sad that the free cathedral offer is coming to an end (for those of you who haven’t claimed your free tickets yet, you have until 31st July to use your pass!), so we have decided to make the most of the last chance LJMU students can access the fabulous Twilight Thursday tour of the tower. So if you want to come along to catch the incredible sun setting over the city, get in touch! We promise the view will not disappoint.

Cathedral at Night

Event: Terracotta Warriors Exhibition CANCELLED
Date: N/A
Location: World Museum
Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event due to operational difficulties. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would still like to see the incredible Terracotta Warriors on your exclusive LJMU £2 offer, please click here for further info.


Event: Op Art in Focus
Date: Tue 28th August
Location: Tate Liverpool
Price: FREE
As we say farewell to a number of amazing exhibitions which have graced Tate Liverpool over the first half of this year, we welcome some brilliant new ones next month including Op Art in Focus. This new exhibition will display leading figures of the optical art movement which emerged in the 1960s. According to Tate Liverpool’s website there will be ‘lines, geometric shapes and eye popping colour to create artworks that fool the eye’. We’ll walk down to the Docks to see this new exhibition at this event so keep your fingers crossed for sunny weather!