LSU’s Rachael Smart: Diversity and Change at the Philharmonic Hall

The Philharmonic Hall is one of several cultural partners with LJMU, who offer students the opportunity to go and see a wide range of shows for free throughout the year. Trying something new can prove to be a great de-stresser from work and the fact that you don’t have to spend anything can only make it better! We sent Rachael Smart, VP for activities with the SU to go and watch a show at the Phil to experience the diverse and exciting steps it is taking to appeal to a new generation.  

As VP for activitiraches with the Liverpool SU, I’m always looking to encourage societies to discover new events and venues on their socials, so that not only do they get to try something new as a team, but can also discover more about their city.  
I recently went to see Tokio Myers at the Philharmonic Hall thanks to Student Opportunities and it was a brilliant experience. I haven’t had the chance to see anything other than a film at the venue before, and was looking forward to seeing a show that exemplifies why the Phil is such a brilliant Liverpool institution. On entering I was greeted by really friendly, helpful and happy staff which reminded me of my favourite ‘student friendly’ venues where regular SU events are held. Needless to say, the venue is amazing and it was refreshing to look around and see a relatively young audience visiting this beautiful and historical hall. Tokio Myers was gave an incredible performance and he really encompassed what the Philharmonic are trying to do by mixing classical music and adding his own contemporary twist.
The opening act was a group consisting of three members and they set a laid back tone for the evening with all original songs that were gorgeous, one even made me cry a little bit! Then for the main event, Tokio Myers was greeted onto the stage by an extremely excited audience and he had an abundance of energy that was extremely infectious. The music he created live on stage filled the massive hall beautifully, as did the silences. The show was a perfect fitting for the venue as Myers’ striking visuals stunned the audience and further created different atmospheres to fit his diverse range of music.
I’m hoping to go back again soon and will encourage groups of students to see some more of what the Philharmonic has to offer because of how they are experimenting with their diversity of shows. They are taking the right steps to introduce a new generation to the venue by giving students an opportunity to see a wide range of traditional and modern shows throughout the year for completely free. So if you want to watch a film, a live podcast, a classical show or a concert, the Phil will always have something interesting on offer for LJMU students to see for free.
Rachael Smart, Vice President Activities

LJMU students get 2x free tickets for a wide range of shows at the Philharmonic Hall throughout the year. Click here to find out what’s on offer for the rest of the season.





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