STUDENT BLOG: A Clockwork Orange

A Tale of Power and Control

Written by Gioia Dalosso Hemnell

Nick Bagnall’s production of A Clockwork Orange for the Everyman Theatre is an enigmatic and charged, transcendent adaptation of an already established classic film and book. Its angular four point stage, neon lighting and loud classical music run alongside graphic scenes of sexual violence with an uncomfortable ferocity that makes for a cut-throat beginning of what is to come.

It is a tale of power, control and taste for violence that is played out beautifully. Balanced with comedic moments that give you a false sense of security,  you evenclockwork 3 become desensitised to the depravity and unhinged madness that happens throughout. 

Police depicted as pigs with rubber snouts, the strange Saville-like character with a Jim’ll Fix It-esque medal branded with ‘I am a paedo’ and prison inmates with pants on their heads are just a few of the disturbing and evocative images that the Rep Company have managed to achieve.

A political commentary from a priest leaves the audience momentarily hushed and hanging on every word, while the remaining characters stalk and climb the set in a menacing fashion. Bagnall’s production is attentive and focused, with exceptional multi–roling that successfully breaks the fourth wall consistently throughout. Crammed full of moral quandary and with a very powerful performance from Caple, the piece is utterly enthralling.

clockwork 2


Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, you still have time to catch A Clockwork Orange as well as the other three Rep Company shows in 2018 for just £5 each as an LJMU student. Click here to find out more about the shows and when you can see them.

Also, before you go… If you’d like to get involved as a student blogger then feel free to contact us on In return for writing for us, you’ll get the chance to see loads of shows, films and events for FREE and you’ll get some published writing under your belt to top it all off!





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