LightNight 2018: Student Opps’ Top Picks

We’ve waited a whole year for it but finally, LightNight Liverpool is back! If you haven’t heard of it or been before, LightNight is an annual event where all of Liverpool’s amazing cultural institutions open their doors and the streets are filled with the city’s creative talent. As always there are heaps of fantastic things happening across the evening, so to make it a little easier for you to work out what to go to, three of your Student Opps Team members have selected their top activities from the what’s on list:

Alex – Student Opps Officer
1. LightNight Fundraising Ceilidh
Time: 21:00 – 23:00
Location: St. George’s Hall
About: It might be the only activity with a cost over the course of LightNight 2018, but believe me, £3 for this family-friendly event is well worth it. Whether you’re an avid-ceilidh fan or a total beginner, joining this Scottish group folk dance will have you laughing your head off and making mates with a room full of people… plus how often do you get the chance to dance around St. George’s Hall?! Don’t forget to look up!

2. The Polar Bear Waltz
Time: 18:00, 18:45, 19:30, 20:15, 21:00 & 22:00
Location: LJMU John Lennon Building
About: This new original 15-minute performance piece has been commissioned by LJMU for this year’s event, and we can promise it will tug at your heartstrings and stay with you for a while. In-keeping with this year’s LightNight theme, The Polar Bear Waltz reflects on how human actions have transformed our beautiful planet, as seen through the eyes of the last polar bear floating on the last iceberg. Honestly, I can’t even write about it without feeling emosh so go, get involved and let it influence your thoughts, conversations, and hopefully actions too.

3. Mersey Swing Lindy Hop Social
Time: 20:30 – 22:00
Location: Liverpool Town Hall
About: Okay so as you can probably tell, group dancing is something I’m really into, but it’s sooo fun! Having begun in New York in the 1920s, Lindy Hop is a type of swing dance which incorporates Charleston, tap and breakaway, and is accompanied with a fantastic jazz soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the style before, I’d recommend watching Hellzapoppin’ on YouTube… although to manage expectations, I should point out you won’t be leaving the LightNight session dancing like that…!


Lucy – Student Opps Intern
1. The Imago
Time: 20:30 – 23:00
Location: Liverpool Cathedral
About: In Atom, the creator of the installation piece The Imago presents the idea of feeling ‘out of sync’ with others and at times misunderstood. The installation will feature two projection screens telling a narrative between two characters using recordings. The title of the piece The Imago acts as a metaphor of transformation which is the main theme of this year’s Light Night festival. His piece is open for many interpretations, it definitely appears an interesting installation to check out!

2. Big Art For Little Artists
Time: 17:00 – 22:00
Location: Walker Art Gallery
About: Other than LJMU Fashion students’ immersive installation ‘Fashion Geographies’ at the gallery, there are also lots of fun family-orientated events that you can get involved in at the Walker Art Gallery for Light Night including Big Art for Little Artists. This event will see the opening of the children’s gallery where you can enjoy arts and crafts as well as fun for all dressing up in costumes. It’s worth taking your youngsters along to!

3. Talking Stalls
Time: 17:00-21:30
Location: Liverpool Medical Institution, Mount Pleasant.
About: These intimate series of performances will tackle and explore issues such as gender and identity. The performances will take place in the ground floor of the ladies toilets and will be an interactive performance. What interests me about this is that audiences can contribute their own thoughts and feelings about the themes by scribbling on the walls of the cubicles and interact directly with the performer. The piece will undoubtedly raise interesting conversations which is the real beauty of LightNight, to create discussion and leave a lasting legacy on the city of Liverpool. Please note that the event is 18+.

Lewis – Student Opps Intern
1. Liverpool Acoustic
Time: 17:00 – 22:00
Location: Music Room at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
About: Head over to the beautiful Music Room at the Phil for a healthy dose of acoustic music played by a variety of talented Liverpool artists. “Vocal duo Limerance, Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge winner Lydia Higham, popular singer-songwriter Chris Callander, new guitar duo King & Byrne, and art-pop two piece St. Jude the Obscure” will all be performing in ten minute sets, meaning if you stick around for an hour, you’ll get to see them all perform! And as a bonus, each artist will be ‘transforming’ versions of classic songs by adding their own musical stamp on them, giving you the opportunity to sing along to your favourites like you’ve never heard them before.

Time: 17:00 – 23:00
Location: FACT
About: VR has fought for years and years to prove it’s more than just a gimmick, and with recent developments it has well and truly cemented its self as a force to be reckoned with. It has become so much more than a source of entertainment, being used in healthcare to train doctors in surgery simulations and and by NASA for to visit the far reaches of space without ever having to leave earth. FACT are holding an array of tech based exhibitions during LightNight, but I think that the VR RCADE promises to be the most exciting as it offers you the chance to experience this game changing technology for yourself. So head on down to FACT this LightNight and who knows where in the world (or beyond) you’ll end up!

3. Brazilica Samba Showcase
Time: 21:30 – 22:00
Location: Merseyside Maritime Museum
About: Do we need to say any more?! Go and watch the “Liverpool Carnival Company transform the Albert Dock into a mini carnival of music, dance and costume” in this experimental marriage of technology and culture. This high energy performance will be an amazing way to end the night (or get your night started if you’re one of the many people who will be unable to resist the feathers, drums and glitter and has to join in)! It’s not often you get to see a Carnival, let alone in Liverpool at night, so head on down to the docks this LightNight to ensure you don’t miss out.

We hope we’ve helped you find out a little more about what to look forward to at this year’s event! For the full LightNight programme, please look at the official website here.


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