April Showers: Things to do on a rainy day in Liverpool

Whilst last week might have brought us an early taste of summer, there’s no denying that this week we are well and truly back to showery April. If you’re not living in the library, or at least fancy a little break from the same four walls, we have created a list of ideas for fun things to do in Liverpool when the sun just won’t come out from behind the clouds.

Café hop with a difference
We all know there’s nothing nicer than sipping on a hot drink whilst the rain pours outside. It’s even better when there are fun things to inside the cafés and this is what some of Liverpool’s fantastic venues are doing. Try out the brilliant Sugar & Dice Board Game Café where you can pay per hour to play any of an incredible collection of table-top games from Dungeons and Dragons to Ticket to Ride to Jenga. Another great option is Ziferblat up in the Business District where you pay per minute and can eat all the food and drink all the coffee you want! It’s just 8p per minute and there’s wifi, board games, books and other things to snuggle in with. The cafe has a spend cap at 4 hours which equates to £19.20 so just make sure you keep in mind how long you can afford to stay!


Day of the Museums
Here in Liverpool we are blessed with countless museums, from the World Museum and Walker Art Gallery on William Brown Street, to the Merseyside Maritime Museum and The Beatles Museum on the Docks. The World Museum is currently hosting a regiment of 2,200-year-old Terracotta Warriors and don’t forget that LJMU students can gain tickets to see them for just £2! Full details about the offer can be found here. Our pick of the bunch however, would be the wonderful Museum of Liverpool based at the Pier Head where you can soak up every element of scouse history and culture. The interactive museum also boasts the title of UK’s best Window With A View 2016… how many other museums can say the same?!


Make it to a matinee
As part of your LJMU Student Opportunities offers, you get discounted tickets to some amazing pieces of theatre and music at the Royal Court, Everyman & Playhouse and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. There are some great shows coming up, many of which have lunchtime or matinee performances as can be found below:
Friday 27th April – 1:30pm – Petrenko’s Shostakovich at Liverpool Phil FREE
Saturday 28 April – 2:00pm – Agatha Christie’s Love From a Stranger at E&P £5
Saturday 5th May – 2:00pm – Othello at E&P £5
Thursday 10th May – 2:00pm – A Clockwork Orange at E&P £5
Saturday 12th May – 2:00pm – Othello at E&P £5
Thursday 17th May – 2:00pm – Othello at E&P £5
Saturday 19th May – 2:00pm – Paint Your Wagon at E&P £5
Saturday 26th May – 2:00pm – A Clockwork Orange at E&P £5
Friday 15th June – 1:30pm – Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at Liverpool Phil FREE
Saturday 23rd June – 2:00pm – The Big I Am at E&P £5
Sunday 24th June – 2:30pm – All Aboard the Pirate Ship! at Liverpool Phil FREE


Awesome Walls
If you haven’t been to Awesome Walls before… YOU NEED TO. Situated on the Dock Rd just North of the City Centre in a 150-year old church, Awesome Walls is a climbing centre with a difference. The centre has ‘walls to suit everyone’ meaning you are welcome there as a beginner or pro, and to top it off they have a student session price of £6 for anyone wanting to climb before 5pm from Mon-Fri. The best way to get active when you don’t fancy being outside!


Embrace the water, go for a swim
Remember on the school hols when you were a kid and a rainy day meant going to the baths? Why should anything have to change…?! Head on down to one of Lifestyles Gym’s swimming pools and hit up some lengths or have a diving comp with your flatmates. There are a number of Lifestyles Centres that have pools including the following list, and they’re all free before 4pm for LJMU students: Alsop, Liverpool Aquatics Centre, Austin Rawlinson, Garston, Ellergreen, Everton Park, Park Road, Peter Lloyd.


Get Crazy at Golf
Liverpool has not one, but two brilliant indoor crazy golf locations and both can guarantee floods of fun. Liverpool One’s cheeky Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf is proper fun for all the family and with a student round at just £7, it’s a great activity for when you want to stay inside. Whilst they don’t offer a student discount, the Baltic Triangle’s Ghetto Golf is everything your Insta feed could dream of; huge graffiti filled walls, hilariously topical holes and a brilliant playlist on too… not to mention the actual golf of course. Go with a group of 6 and you can guarantee a couple of hours of competitive fun, and especially if it’s raining you’ll be able to hear the rain coming down on the corrugated roof whilst you’re safe and dry inside.


Take a Trip to the Tate
If you’ve ever had the heavens open on you whilst down on the Docks, you’ll be no stranger to the dry, warming glow of Tate Liverpool. With the cafe & gift shop providing 10% off for LJMU students (with a valid ID card) and an afternoon on fun to be found on every floor, the Tate is an absolute haven of indoor fun. Coming this Friday 27th May is Brazilian collective OPAVIVARÁ!’s new project ‘Utupya’ where you can get lost upon their giant hammock (literally) and enjoy a collection of herbal teas to take you somewhere far aay from the weather outside.



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