STUDENT BLOG: Top 5 Places for Students on Bold Street

bold street 1

image1 (1)Beti Thomas
Second year English student

If you study at one of Liverpool’s many universities, you’ve  most likely heard of Bold Street. Situated in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, the street offers a variety of shops. Whether you’re looking to grab a bite, or thinking of buying some affordable clothing, Bold Street has you covered. I personally love what Bold Street has to offer students, so I’ve decided to share my five favourite places.

Liv Organic

bold 3

Liv Organic is a supermarket/café which sells mostly organic foods. The supermarket concentrates solely on vegan and vegetarian needs, which I thought was particularly important to note as I know many students meet these dietary requirements. I also know how some students have wanted to adopt a vegan lifestyle but felt that vegan foods were hard to access or too expensive. Liv Organic is a great new asset for the city, a perfect place if you decide to move on from garlic bread for tea every night and decide to venture into using herbs and spices.


Resurrection is a vintage shop, which also houses a coffee shop/ café, a barber shopbold 4 and a tattoo parlour. The shop has an urban vibe to it and is particularly beneficial for students as they offer 10% student discount, and often have sales on (as seen in the picture). So, if you’re in need of some new clothes but you’re on a student budget, I’d highly recommend Resurrection.

Dia + Noche

Dia + Noche (Day + Night) is a new bar/ restaurant on Bold Street. The prices are bold 5reasonable, and the food is great. It’s my personal favourite restaurant on bold street (and there is a lot). The food meets specific dietary requirements with a variety of foods for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free students. Seen in the picture is the halloumi burger with siracha sauce and bacon and egg pancakes. As well as this, the foods on offer are perfect for anyone who was out socialising the night before and, like me, thinks a good meal is the cure.


Cow is a vintage store similar to Resurrection, but I thought it was worth mentioning as they both have something different to offer. I like the fact that Resurrection has mini stores within the shop, but I much prefer the clothes at Cow. The company sells old designers suchbold 6 as Ralph Lauren and often upcycle and re-invent old pieces of clothing for more of a modern twist. I like the overall atmosphere of the shop and it also serves as a good place to take pictures. They also have stores in Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield, therefore they’re a growing company worth visiting.

News from Nowhere

Last but certainly not least we have News from Nowhere. The book store works in association with LJMU (English Literature and similar degrees) as they sell books necessary to your course. News from Nowhere also advertise a student loyalty card (valid from September to October). Collect a £1 stamp every time you purchase items over £10, which you can use as money off on your next purchase. Also, they advertise that they will order books in for you within 3 days of asking, therefore it could be beneficial for your course to give the place a visit. My personal favourite part of the book shop is their obvious pride in diversity and their attempt to raise awareness to controversial topics such as inequality. The store is definitely worth a visit to get some inspiration for your degree.

bold 7

Therefore, if you’ve never been to Bold Street I’d highly recommend it. I think the street gives a refreshing approach to student needs as well as having a little something for everyone.




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