Conversation Starters: Political Shows in Liverpool

When you go to a show, your first and foremost expectation is to be entertained. But some productions go beyond and stay with you long after the curtains have closed, because they resonate, or touch upon real world issues that do something important – they start a conversation. So whether it’s stand up comedy or hard hitting films, here are some upcoming events you can see as an LJMU student for free or discounted that will not only be a great night out, but create many a talking point for afterwards.



Mark Thomas: Showtime from the Frontline

mark thomas

When: Thu 8 Mar to Sat 10 Mar 2018
Where: Playhouse Theatre 
Cost: £5 tickets for LJMU students

‘Dodging cultural and literal bullets, Israeli incursions and religion,’ Mark Thomas comes to The Playhouse to tell the tale of his attempt to set up ‘a comedy club… in a refugee camp… in Palestine’. What promises to be a funny and fascinating night, find out how hard it is to ‘celebrate freedom of speech in a place with so little freedom.’


Bridget Christie: What Now?

When: Sat 24 Mar 2018
Where: Playhouse Theatre 
Cost: £5 tickets for LJMU students

‘Brexit. Trump. Nuclear apocalypse. Environmental catastrophe. Is rolling news affecting your ability to enjoy the simple things? Like baking, gardening and autoerotic asphyxiation?’

This new show from multi-award winner and star of her own Netflix special tackles the heaviest and most prevalent issues in modern society head-on and with a comedic twist. It is a show that is sure to make you laugh and think in equal measure.



When: Sat 28 April to Tue 10th July 2018
Where: Everyman Theatre
Cost: £5 tickets for LJMU students

At the time it was written Othello was a political play that was inspired by the real life battle between the Venetians who were fighting to keep their land from the Invading Turks. Because it also focuses on universal themes of greed, power and identity it is still relevant today as it ever was.

The Everyman theatre will present this classic with a twist, making history in the mean time. Othello will be played by a female lead – the first time is has ever been done in a major modern UK theatre. This bold decision, combined with the ideas and themes that we can still relate to over 400 later, are sure to start a few conversations.

Film: Darkest Hour

When: Monday 14 May 2018
Where: Royal Philharmonic 
Cost: 2x FREE tickets for LJMU students

It doesn’t get more political than Winston Churchill does it? LJMU students can go and see Gary Oldman take on his toughest role yet for FREE in this thrilling biopic of Churchill’s most ‘turbulent and defining trials, exploring a negotiated peace treaty with Nazi Germany and standing firm to fight for the ideals, liberty and the freedom of a nation.’  

Lewis Wren       

Student Opportunities Intern







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