Go Travel with LJMU

Dun dun duuurrrn…the deadline (15th December 2017) to apply for the LJMU Go Global funding is getting closer and we bet some of you are still stuck on what you would like to do with up to £1500 free cash! From our own travelling experiences, your Student Opportunities Team have come up with a short list of ideas to fill your application forms with an adventure of a lifetime.

Volunteer with animals while touring Thailand; fancy the chance to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most majestic animals? Throughout Thailand there are a number of different animal sanctuaries, with the chance to volunteer for up to four weeks with companies like The Elephant Nature Park or the Big Cat Team, which would be the opportunity of a lifetime for any animal lovers. Otherwise you could just go experience the rest of fabulous Thailand including the islands (Phi Phi being a ‘must do’ on the list).


Kiwi Experience; get a love for the beautiful scenery and people of New Zealand by going on the legendary hop-on hop off travel network that will offer you some unforgettable experiences. Thrill seekers and action lovers, this is definitely the country for you. Not only can you ski on some of the best slopes in the world but also witness the beautiful sites you only thought existed on movies. Climbing ‘Mount Doom’, visiting Hobbiton and trekking through Glenorchy has definitely got to be on the hit list for fans of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of Rings’. This country is a definite contender for the funding.


Volunteering in Vietnam and Cambodia; there is a magic about these small countries. Travelling here you will get to know their history and appreciate its people’s optimism and contentment, even though for many they’re living a life of poverty. Volunteering here, not only will you get a sense of real value for making a difference but you will be touched on children’s love and gratefulness for education and learning. Helping teach at Jimmys Village school in Siem Reap, is one of the most rewarding, heart-warming life experiences that will always be remembered. There are list of things to get involved and volunteer but don’t forget to see the beautiful sites of both countries!


Agricultural work in Australia; for most travellers who go down under, the farming/agricultural work is a way to extend their stay in one of the most desired, liveable countries. Getting down and dirty for some is not on the list of ‘must do’ while in Oz but fruit picking or ‘woofing’ is a great way to travel and see the vast country without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to meet other travellers as the farms usually provide accommodation and you get to socialise and make new friends this way. Also you don’t have to have any qualifications to do this type of work but it looks great on the C.V. … trust us, employers will struggle reading past ‘banana farmer’ on a job application!vineyard-139466

Cooking up a storm in India; this is one of the best places to take a culinary vacation and get your senses exploding in more ways than one. Visit local markets and landmarks while also indulging in the joys of cooking. Think you’re familiar with the common English-Indian ‘Korma’ or ‘Madras’? Then wait until you experience the authentic dishes of India, it’s not a patch on our usual Indian take-away.GettyImages-533819216-5833f90a3df78c6f6a8ea4fa

Work at a summer camp in Canada, China or the USA; LJMU’s travel partner Smaller Earth offers amazing opportunities to spend a summer working as a cabin counsellor in one of their many camps. Student Opps intern Lewis went to a camp in America last summer and says “I can’t believe I got to live in America over summer, meet the most amazing people and got paid to do it! Working at summer camp in America was an experience I’ll never forget.”



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