The 2018 Everyman Company

By Lucy Clarke, Student Opportunities Intern

The award winning Everyman Company are back to bring us another year of fun filled entertainment! Following on from the success of last year, the Everyman have released the full line up of actors for the 2018 company along with the upcoming season of shows they have in store for us. There will be some old recognisable faces amongst the cast but also some brand new fresh faced ones including Emma Bispham and Nathan McMullen.

For their debut season, the rep company created relatable, relevant, contemporary, thought provoking pieces. The Fiddler on the Roof resonated with audiences as it highlighted the current ongoing refugee crisis, despite being set in Russia in the early twentieth century. Whilst last season seemed to be an exploration of the current state of affairs, this season the company are to explore ‘brave new worlds’ through their performances. The Everyman are sure to deliver another season of tremendous productions that will challenge its audiences. Here’s what’s coming up:


Paint your Wagon
Sat 3rd March to Sat 14th July

First to kick off the new season is Paint your Wagon which promises to be a musical delight. If you loved Fiddler on the Roof then you will definitely not want to miss this! Set during the California Gold Rush, we follow Ben Rumson on his journey to find riches and happiness. If you love a good sing along then this is the one for you!

A Clockwork Orange

Sat 4th April to Thurs 12th of July

Based on the popular novel written by Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange is set in a dystopian future. It follows Alex who’s violent and sadistic nature lands him in prison and whilst there, he is selected to undergo an experimental treatment intended to cure him of his violence. It’s a story about punishment, free will and juvenile delinquency.  If you loved the novel why not head on down to the theatre and see if this adapted version takes your fancy.


Sat 28th April to Tuesday 10th July


A Shakespearean tragedy given a contemporary twist. Set in the near future, Othello is a story about love and betrayal.  Golda Rosheuvel will take centre stage as Othello in this production, challenging the traditional patriarchal world that the play was published in. This female casting of Othello will bring a fresh new take on the classic text. Following on from the reworking and success of Romeo and Juliet last season, it will be interesting to see the company take on another Shakespearean classic.



The Big I Am
Sat 16th June to Sat 14th July


Based on a Norwegian play ‘Peer Gynt’ published in 1867 by Henrik Ibsen ‘The Big I Am’ will be the final production to end the company’s season. The play has been reimagined by Robert Farquhar for this production. We follow its protagonist, Peer Gynt as he travels the world in search of adventure and freedom. We follow his life as he travels through time from past to present to future from war torn Britain to the end of the world as he searches for a sense of fulfilment and happiness.



>TICKETS FOR ALL EVERYMAN COMPANY SHOWS WILL BE JUST £5 FOR LJMU STUDENTS! To reserve your tickets nearer the time, just contact the Box Office in person or on 0151 709 4776. Make sure you take your student ID card with you on collection.


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