From Page to Stage

By now you’ll probably know that this semester’s Student Opportunities offers provide an abundance of top quality events to attend. However, you might not know that a lot of these plays and performances come from historic or modern world-renowned novels or local folk tales. We’ve drawn up a list of all the stories which have been adapted to stage or screen for this semester; you might find a few surprises.

The Suitcase – Weds 4th to Sat 7th October
Originally written as a short story by Es’kia Mphahlele in 1954, this tale follows a young newly married couple who seek a better life for themselves in the city of Durban. When things go wrong for the pair, the husband, Timi, steals a suitcase left on a bus entirely unaware of the frightening consequences this brings. Es’kia has authored many stories and thoughts around race and South Africa’s changing society. Full of movement, emotion and lyrical music, this piece epitomises African storytelling and brings Es’kia’s tale to life.
VENUE: Playhouse Theatre
PRICE: £5 tickets

Fingal’s Cave – Friday 27th October at 1:30pm
Located on the uninhabited island of Staffa off the West Coast of Scotland, Final’s Cave is named after Fingal or Fionn mac Cumhaill, the hero of Scottish poet-historian James Macpherson’s Ossian cycle of poems. Legend has it that Fionn or Finn created the Giant’s Causeway which connects Ireland and Scotland. This event, featuring the music of Mendelssohn, Sibelius and Brahms, provides some truly stormy symphonies and will take you on your own adventure across the oceans.
VENUE: Liverpool Philharmonic
PRICE: FREE for LJMU students

Around the World in 80 Days – Fri 27th to Sat 28th October
The classic adventure novel written by French author Jules Verne is one of the world’s much loved stories. It tells the tale of Phileas Fogg and his French valet Passepartout, who set off on a journey to circumnavigate the world in just 80 days under a wager for Fogg’s life’s fortune. Since the book was written in 1873, it has been made into numerous films, documentaries and, of course, plays. Coming up to us from the West End, this version will be performed by an incredibly talented cast of 8 playing over 125 characters – tickets will go fast so don’t miss out!
VENUE: Playhouse Theatre
PRICE: £5 tickets

Songs for the End of the World – Tues 31st October to Weds 1st November
Whilst it isn’t quite an adaptation of a novel, Dom Coyote’s ‘Songs For the End of the World’ is heavily inspired by post-apocalyptic novel ‘Dr. Bloodmoney’ written in 1965 by Philip K Dick. Taking on the book’s themes of politics and exploitation, the play uses music by the multi-instrumentalist band The Bloodmoneys to ‘obliterate the line between epic theatre and rauscous gig‘. Sounds like a lot of fun to us!
VENUE: Everyman Theatre
PRICE: £5 tickets

The Limehouse Golem – Tues 31st October
The Limehouse Golem starring Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke and Douglas Booth is an adaptation of the 1994 novel ‘Dan Leno & The Limehouse Golem’ by Peter Ackroyd. Set in Limehouse, in Victorian London, the murder mystery is centred around a collection of murders considered so dark,that the people of the town can only blame them on a legendary creature; the Golem. Before the film’s screenwriter Jane Goldman became involved in films she read the book and reportedly claimed ‘Gosh, I hope somebody makes a movie of this’; little did she know at the time it would be her!
VENUE: Liverpool Philharmonic
PRICE: FREE for LJMU students

Victoria & Abdul – Tues 21st November
Based on a true story, the biographical novel of the same name was written by Shrabani Basu in 2010. The book was created as a historical novel, meaning the characters, relationships and stories have been well researched and highly detailed, although it’s safe to say the film adaptation could have a little more creative license. Starring Judi Dench as the elderly Queen Victoria, and Ali Fazal as her young Indian Muslim servant Abdul Karim the film boasts a number of other famous faces such as Eddie Izzard and Michael Gambon.
VENUE: Liveprool Philharmonic
PRICE: FREE for LJMU students

The Scouse Nativity – Mon 27th, Tues 28th & Weds 29th November
Okay so we may be clutching straws on this one, and it’s fair to say this is a very VERY loose adaptation of one part of one of the world’s most famous books. But put scousers and songs into the nativity mixer and you’ve got an absolutely brilliant (and free) Christmas night out lined up.
VENUE: Royal Court Theatre
PRICE: FREE & £5 tickets

Baskerville – Sat 9th December to Sat 13th January
One of the world’s most famous fictional detectives is brought to life in this fantastic Everyman & Playhouse production. Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over a century ago, The Hound of the Baskervilles was the third of Doyle’s novels featuring Sherlock Holmes. ‘Baskerville’ brings the marvellous, moor mystery to life with just 5 actors playing a total of 42 characters! Another one not to be missed.
VENUE: Playhouse Theatre
PRICE: £5 tickets

For more info about all of these plays and how to access tickets, have a look at our booklet online or send us an email at


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