If you were a Mars Bar you’d eat yourself. Happy Easter.

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to fill your boots with as much chocolate as you can. Eat it all in one go, or store more for the winter. How amazing, a four day bank holiday weekend AND infinite amounts of chocolate. Most people call this time of the year, Easter. Others call it ‘GranHab’. Probably a holiday you’ve never heard of before. It’s quite particular to our family you see. It is an amalgamation of the two words, ‘Gran’, standing for Grandmother and ‘hab’, an abbreviated version of Rehab. Because, you see, in our family it’s the time of year that we have an intervention for my Nan. She’s lovely my Nan. Honestly, it’s not the drink that we have to stop, nor does she gamble like the woman on Louis Theroux in Vegas.

My Nan is a chocoholic. She loves chocolate. Can’t get enough of the stuff. She loves Flakes, cakes, chocolate snakes, she blends them up and makes milkshakes. Mars bars, Magic Stars, chocolate sprinkles kept in jars. Kit-Kat, Caramac, Weight Watchers own brand, it’s low-fat. After Eight, no debate, my Nan Mo, she loves choc-late.

Once she nearly cut my hands off for pinching a ‘Curly Wurly’ from her fridge. She set up a court room in her front room, my Grandad defended me and Spike the dog was the judge. He threw it out of court. I DIGRESS!!! This blog isn’t simply about chocolate, nor is it a chance for me to lambast my grandmother. I’m here to tell you about all the amazing things you can do for a really cheap price this Easter weekend.


We start our journey on ‘Good Friday’! It is the start of your long, well deserved, four day weekend and we’ve got just the way for you to spend it. Why not start your weekend with a refreshing trip to the gym. Come on, we both know how much chocolate you’re going to scoff this weekend so think ahead and get the exercise out the way early. You may already know that by being an LJMU student, you get a free off-peak membership to all fourteen of Lifestyles venues. This bank holiday Friday the Millennium centre on Victoria Street is open from 9am until 4pm. Make the most of your free membership and start the weekend off in a positive way with the rest of the day and weekend ahead of you.


Easter Saturday, this has always been a confusing one. You’re never really sure what to do on Easter Saturday because it’s not really a Saturday, so all usual Saturday things go out the window. It’s a bit of a limbo day really isn’t it? I’m guessing thijesuss is very similar when the holiday actually originated. Jesus died on the cross for our sins on the Friday and is laid to rest in a tomb. Saturday, nothing. Sunday Jesus resurrects from the dead, everyone is joyous and parties into the night and we all have the Monday off. Don’t hold me to that part. We thought we’d put a stop to this and give you a little something to do this Easter Saturday, for completely free. Why not make the most of your exclusive offers and use your Cathedral ticket! If you have family up for the weekend head over to the Liverpool Cathedral for some lunch and take a trip to the top of the tower. With 360 degree views of this beautiful city, this is a great spot for a new family photo. AND after you’ve been you’ll have some time to pop into town for some last minute egg purchasing…


Let’s stay within the theme and give you a day filled with food, drink, music, laughter and much more. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the weather is perfect because we’re heading to the Liverpool Food & Drink festival in Sefton Park with friends and family and you should come too! There are stalls from all your favourite restaurants around the city, plenty of pop-up bars and live entertainment all afternoon. So grab a ticket, get yourself to the park and spend your Easter Sunday the way it is supposed to be spent. We’ve even found you a little ‘Groupon’ link that gets you 50% off tickets!



imaginativeIts bank holiday Monday and we’re nearly back to normal. You had a great day in the park yesterday and your weekend is coming to an end. We thought as a treat we’d put together the Student Opportunities family pack. If you have children yourself, or have family nearby, make the most of your exclusive offers this bank holiday Monday and go to BOTH the TATE and the Everyman Theatre. Start at the TATE for half past one and get involved in ‘Imaginative Worlds’. Explore your creative side with fun, hands-on workshops for families, designed by the TATE’s own Family Collective. Go along, dress-up and enter into an imaginative world, make your own puppets, masks and theatrical props, then take them to the stage! You’ll have so much fun! We’re not finished yet though… Have a quick break, get some food down you in the TATE café, or head over to the Everyman Bistro and make the most of your 10% off. THEN grab your £5 tickets to see ‘The Story Giant’ in the amazing Everyman space. It sounds incredible!

“Once upon a time, as darkness falls, four children from different corners of the world meet in dreamtime. By the flickering firelight, up the spiral staircaTheStoryGiant_1400x700se of his crumbling library, the Story Giant waits for them. He is older than memory, older than time and for generations he has collected stories like falling stars. But now he waits. He waits for their stories, for their imaginations and for the one tale in all the world that can save him.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to have the most creative, imaginative day, filled with fun, laughter and wonder. All for £5.

We hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend that is filled to the brim with excitement. I’m off the gym, I might see you in there. I’m going to have to work on these biceps before I have to restrain my Nan this weekend. 💪

Have a good one! 🍾🐣🍫🐰✌️

By Alex Medlicott – Student Opportunities Intern


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