CHEAP WEEK! – All the things you can do this week for £10!

Our job here in the Students Opportunities team is to let you all know all the benefits you have because you chose LJMU. So, we thought we’d write a little blog highlighting all the fantastic things that you can do this week on a total budget of £10…


Lifestyles gymLet’s get a bit creative, imagine, it’s Monday morning and you’ve had a heavy weekend. A night out or two, for some even three. You’re not feeling 100%. Not quite ‘tip-top’. We found that one of the best ways to start feeling fresh again is to sweat out that long weekend. SO, our first free venture is to Lifestyles gym. Did you know that because you’re a student at LJMU you get a free off peak membership to Lifestyles gym? Seeing as memberships usually cost £26 a month, you’ve got a pretty good deal. So, with your off-peak membership you get free access to all ‘Lifestyles’ 14 venues before 4pm; a great place to sneak off to in-between lectures. You don’t simply get access to the facilities, you also get free access to all their incredible classes. At the Millennium centre in the city, you can go to up to 5 classes, including Yoga and Studio Cycle. On the other hand if you’re not the gym type and need to take the plunge to shake off those big nights out. You have free access to Lifestyles’ Wavertree Aquatics centre. I always find that a quick swim helps sort out that sore head… it’s just like being on holiday isn’t it? You’re feeling fresh to start the week and it’s all for free.
Our Price – FREE                                               Normal Price – £26 per month



Calling all ‘culture buffs’, the Northern Broadsides are back! The hugely entertaining theatre company are bringing their new show ‘Cyrano’, a romantic comedy, to the Playhouse Theatre. AND, because you’re an LJMU student, these tickets will cost you a grand total of £5. In this day and age, with the steep inflation of the price of Freddo’s, we think that £5 to see a show is an absolute bargain. A show that includes sword play, romance and a laugh, where else will you find that for one of them new shiny fivers? The Playhouse, if you haven’t been before, is a beautiful old style theatre in the heart of Liverpool. Ladies and gents, it’s a great opportunity for a date. You can show your loved one how cultured you are, how much of a romantic you are when you wipe away the tears at the end of your standing ovation. You’ll even have change in your pocket for something to eat on the way home.
Our Price – £5.00                                               Normal Price – £16.00


Lost Soul

It’s Wednesday, you’re halfway through the week. You’ve had a rough week in Uni so far. You need a pick me up I hear you say? You say to your friends, “I need to have a laugh me’ yano’!” Well… funnily enough, I heard you. Which is why I’ve sent you a gift from the gods. £5 tickets for the hilariously funny, scouse comedy, ‘Lost Soul’ at the Royal Court Theatre. If you want a taste of scouse humour, make sure you get yourself to this show. It’s about real people and real places. You’re guaranteed to laugh. With a group of friends you’ll find that you’ll really enjoy a trip out to the Royal Court. You’ll come out the show and you’ll say to your mates, “That was great. I needed that.” And I’ll say back, “You’re welcome.” All jokes aside, the Royal Court is a fantastic venue that displays some brilliant work and you as an LJMU student get to see everything they have to offer for much less than everyone else. Make the most of that benefit.
Our price – £5.00                                               Normal price – £13.00


Cecile B Evans

Thursday has arrived and you’re after something a bit alternative. Something you wouldn’t usually do every day. Well, what we have to offer is free entry to the Tate Gallery to check out all the amazing installations and exhibitions that they have on display. The amazing Cecile B. Evans displays her work ‘Sprung a leak’ for the final week at Tate Liverpool, exploring the movement of data, artificial intelligence, and the relationship between humans and machines. This unusual exhibition opens the mind to what the future may hold, with a variety of interactive robots and on screen imagery. It certainly is something to stimulate the brain.

Whilst you’re down at the Tate, why not check out all the other exhibitions by other artists like Tracy Emin and William Blake. And after, use your student card to get 10% off in the café. It would be rude not to wouldn’t it?
Our price – FREE                                               Normal price – FREE



It’s Friday already, hasn’t that come round quick? We have a real treat in store for your Friday afternoon. This is something that we’re really excited to announce to you all. As you may have seen we have Liverpool Cathedral tickets back. You can take a trip up to the top of Liverpool’s incredible Anglican Cathedral. Stand at the highest outdoor point in the city and catch the beautiful 360 degree panoramic views of Merseyside. On a clear day you can see right across to the Welsh mountains. This is a great place to take family members that are visiting. Also good for any budding Instagram users, this is a great spot for some photography. Open 9am until 5pm you can capture some great images in what we hope is going to be a lovely up-coming spring.
Our price – Free                                                                                Normal price – £6

It’s the weekend. You’ve been out every day this week, you’ve seen what the city has to offer from high and low, you’ve filled your brain with arts and culture, AND you’ve only spent £10. Brilliant news. Keep your eyes peeled for all the exclusive offers available to you as an LJMU student and come and find us when we’re out and about. Alternatively, follow us on social media and get updates on all our offers easier than you could imagine. You’ve saved up all your money and the weekend is yours. So go and enjoy every day of it, but make sure you take the plunge again on Monday morning. It’ll sort you right out.
Our price for the week – £10                      Normal price for the week – £61

By Alex Medlicott (Student Opportunities Intern)




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