Student Review: Fiddler on the Roof

By Miljenko Williams

“LJMU Student Opportunities make LJMU student lives such a grand pleasure.

On this occasion, I signed up for a tour of the Everyman with Kimberley and Alex from Student Opportunities, and alongside Everyman’s friendly and knowledgeable development manager.


The show we then saw was the fabulous, absolutely knockout, production of “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Theatre in the round is always an experience of the senses, and the downside for the actors must be the tension of always having to get it transparently spot-on.

But maybe it’s also an upside: the tension I mean, the desire to get it just right.  Certainly, on that night, when I was lucky enough to witness the production, the beauty and poignancy and sadness and fire of the cultural dissonances from the clash of tradition and modernity, of free love and heritage, and of the past and the future, were never as clear as that evening I remember of consummate artistry and real drama.

Without exception, all the actors and scenes and meanings and subtexts burst through with wonderful clarity.  Three moments which really stick in my mind – without wishing to give too much away! – were the nightmare recounted; the green bottles’ scene; and the ending where an inspiring synthesis of ancient and modern is gently suggested through astonishingly clever choreography.


But alongside the grand displays of musical pyrotechnics were far more intimate, far more gentle, far more utterly humane moments of vulnerability.

A production as full of life as life itself – that was “Fiddler on the Roof” that night.

You really do have to hand it to the Everyman: in their “Fiddler on the Roof” they have a production for every person on the planet, as relevant as ever to the heartless age we might sense – all too often – is encroaching on our humanity in such a reproachable way as today.

In the essence and fundamental thesis of the musical, however, is the ever-redeeming attachment we surely should always retain to the sometimes confusing, sometimes irrational, life which something, somewhere has bestowed on us.miljenko1

I sat in seat E14, and had a wonderful view of the whole show. But the photo I took away with me was of my ever-so-lucky number 13.

And that’s exactly what the Everyman’s company taught me that night: it’s not the luck of the draw we should focus on, but the truth of life’s journey – you never know what’s coming next!


Don’t miss out on the next LJMU Student Opportunity.

It won’t be your last, but – if it’s going to be your first – you should definitely make it your next.”


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