Student Review: La La Land

By Betty Ruzickova

Did you know that the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall has the last big screen in the world that rises up from the stage floor prior to each screening? No? Well that is one of the reasons to go and check out the next screening.

Another reason would be that although the film offer is limited, the Phil seems to get the selection right each time. Sunny Los Angeles and a very bizarre musical number on the jammed highway followed by a rather annoying horn sound of Sebastian’s (Ryan Gosling) car as Mia (Emma Stone) holds up the traffic, learning lines for another audition. That is the start of what is overall a remarkable film.

Set in present day LA, the aspiring musician and wannabe-jazz-club-owner slowly falls in love with an aspiring actress. The couple keep challenging each other to go for the dream they once had, and not settle for anything less, however as they start gaining career wise, they start losing what they have together.

I went in with zero expectations, people around me either hated it, or loved it and I didn’t look up anything else apart from the trailer before seeing the film and it paid off. The film brilliantly captures the desire for achievement and the everyday struggle. The need for a brutally honest friend, as well as a fellow dreamer. The musical numbers aren’t mind-blowing, they are subtle and sometimes even messy and ordinary but the colours speak. Creating moods, visions, touching the emotional strings.

It is a life that everyone is living. Up to a point. At the crossroads, or when facing the millionth obstacle on your path, which way will you go? Is it the dream, is it the love, is it the simple route? I urge you to go in, want to have fun, want to dream, and don’t long for another sweet romance. Enjoy the full spectrum of colours that life is offering you, starting with La La Land.

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF


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