How to save money at LJMU

It’s National Student Money week this week, and we want to show you a few ways to save your pounds whilst you’re a student at LJMU.
Have a look at our 5 top tips for living it up on the cheap in Liverpool!

  1. Don’t waste money on expensive gym memberships; sign up for your Lifestyles Gym Membership which entitles you to free off-peak entry to any of their 10 gyms around the city. This means it’s completely FREE to you any time from when they open until 4pm every day. It includes classes AND you can use one of 7 great swimming pools in the area.
  2. Find out if you might be entitled to a bursary or other form of money by checking out the LJMU Student Advice & Wellbeing department. They can advise you on ways of saving money, as well as provide advice on money management and dealing with the stresses relating to money.
  3. If you go out for food, try to go to places where you know you can get good student discount! Did you know that the Tate Liverpool café and the Everyman Theatre street café and bistro offer 10% off food for LJMU students?tatecafe
  4. If you have friends or family visiting and want to show off the city, why not take them along to the Liverpool Cathedral for a FREE trip of the tower? Normally costing £5.50 per adult, LJMU students can access a free pass for you and a friend (who doesn’t have to be a student) to head up to the top. The panoramic views are spectacular, and it’s nice to show people an alternative view of the city even if they have been before. Don’t forget to #tweetfromthetower when you’re up there (like the Student Opps team selfie below).g31a1912
  5. If you’re finding you’re spending too much cash by going on nights out, try an alternative night out at the Philharmonic Hall or Royal Court. Whether you’re looking for laughs, to listen to classical music, or to watch the latest films, you can do all of this for FREE. Plus you can take at least one person to each (and they don’t have to be a student either)!

To access any of your cultural offers just contact the respective Box Offices, letting them know you’re an LJMU student, or otherwise email the team on

By Alexandra Flynn (Student Opportunities Officer)





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