Having a ball on the ‘LJMU Culture Crawl’


What a week it has been with ‘LJMU Culture Crawl… the highs were definitely the variety of people who joined us on the weeks’ worth of city tours and events. It didn’t go unnoticed, the looks of interest from people as we marched through the city like a small group of protestors with our ‘LJMU Culture Crawl’ signs waving high. All in all it was a good week; especially if you are new to the city and decided to come join us on the tour.

I truly believe Liverpool to be the best student city and has the best nightlife. I know this may sound biased being a local, but even though I have lived away from Liverpool for over 7 years there is just something that always pulls me back. ‘Scousers’ are thought to be in possession of a warmth and wit not present in other areas of the UK and I think the 2008 European Capital of Culture Award was long overdue. Reasons for why we started the ‘LJMU Culture Crawl’ to showcase the cities hotspots and best Arts & Cultural activities and see it through our proud eyes. With this in mind what happened on the week’s events……

First night of the tour attracted a great group of students and this was definitely the best evening weather wise. As we walked through the city, the red sunset sky over Liverpool was definitely a plus. When we arrived down at the water front, you couldn’t have hoped for a better photo opportunity than that of the ferry sailing over the Mersey. The ‘Lifestyles Launch’ down at Millennium centre went down well, and if people weren’t already tired after the 2 -hour tour then they definitely would have felt it leaving the gym induction.

On the Tuesday after the tour; we got an up close and personal mini tour of the Famous Royal Court. Not only did we get free drinks as we arrived but we were also taken around the theatre. As we walked around there was a mixture of information fed; including Theatre History, ghost stories and updates on the new plans for the Royal Court. Keep an eye out; it’s very exciting times for The Royal Court with the announcement that the new comedy club will be coming soon and the Penny Farthing refurbishment. Hopefully another LJMU offer….

The events on the other evenings included a mixture of E&P performances from; Two Gentlemen of Verona at The Everyman and The Rivals at The Playhouse. No wonder we had a great turnout of students for the shows especially as the tickets usually costing £5 on the LJMU Student offer was now FREE… #Bargain

Classical music on the Friday was a great end to a busy week of touring and event attending. ‘Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto’ performance was on at the packed out Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. This was definitely a good choice for student wanting to de-stress or zone out from dissertation or exam stress.

I can actually say that after doing LJMU Culture Crawl I have now discovered things about the city that I never knew. The one thing it confirmed that I already did know…. I LOVE LIVERPOOL

Don’t worry if you missed out on any of these tour and FREE events there are still loads of great things coming up next week and during Directed Study Week… so keep a look out!


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