How to have a laugh in Liverpool

Laughter is the best medicine and this week we’re celebrating the John Bishop visit to LJMU by sharing the laughter. Check out our jokes at the bottom of this blog and let us know who you think it’s funniest (even though we all know that it’s Marcy).

Whether you were lucky enough to have to see John Bishop or not, here’s a list of things to do around Liverpool to give you a giggle:

First Draft Scratch Night – Everyman Theatre


If you’ve never been down to a scratch night, First Draft at the Everyman should definitely be on your Liverpool bucket list. The event is free to attend (although they do accept donations to the food bank), and you never know what performances you will see, it could be anything from stand up comedy to mime, there have also been performances of monologues, spoken word, sketches, poetry, music, magic and much more in the past.

Hot Water Comedy Club

Image result for hot water comedy club

The Hot Water Comedy Club is the home to all things stand up, they have been the launch pad for many comedians on the journey to Edinburgh and beyond. The club is lovingly co-owned by brothers Binty and Paul, and has a really familial vibe – you go more than twice and they’ll probably remember your bar order.

Scouse Cinderella – Royal Court

Royal Court Building Image 9

Realistically, the title of this alone should be enough to convince you that this is going to be pure banter. The Royal Court are famed for their scouse spin on productions (with past examples such as Hitch Hikers Guide to Fazakerley). This year’s panto Scouse Cinderella is set to be a riot with main characters including a prince with a foot fetish (?) and a pumpkin that turns into a delta – what an idyllic mix of scouse and magic.

Laughterhouse Live – Philharmonic


If you’re looking for some big names in comedy then look no further than Liverpool Philharmonic’s Laughterhouse Live on 1st December. The event is hosting not one, not two, not three… four… five or six, but SEVEN comedy giants. The line up is as follows and it looks immense:

Johnny Vegas
Lost Voice Guy
Lee Nelson
Luisa Omielan
Tom Wrigglesworth
Matt Reed
Chris Cairns

Student Opps Comedy Night

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Now, this is a while off, but the anticipation is all part of this fabulous event. Student Opps are hosting our very first comedy workshop and open mic night on 20th March 2019! The day will consist of a workshop for anybody who is looking to improve on their own stand up routine, or are just looking to give it a go, and this will be followed by an open mic night where students are invited to perform. The focus on this day is to use comedy as a way of combating mental health issues, and a much needed respite from studying – do make sure you come along because it’s going to be amazing (We have also invited our good mate John Bishop – we’ll keep you updated on that front!)


Finally to finish we’ve picked out our favourite jokes and we’d love to know which one’s the best (not saying we’re dead competitive or anything).

Why did the dinosaur cross the road? … Because the chicken hadn’t evolved yet. (Kimberley) 

A man was milking his cow, and a fly was buzzing about his head. He swatted it away and he could have sworn he saw it fly right into the cow’s ear. He ignored this and continued to milk his cow, when all of a sudden the fly comes out – it went in one ear, and out the udder! (Marcy)


Breaking: Theresa May spotted in Warrington’s IKEA as she continues her struggle to find a fit for purpose cabinet. (Lewis)


To vote just check out our Social Media pages and comment with the team members name on who you think is the funniest.


Let’s talk cyber security…

I remember the joy of my first internet experience over twenty-five years ago. In fact, I still remember purchasing my first flip brick with T-mobile! From that magical hissing and clicking sound the modem made; with the ridiculously slow speeds but oh the joy once connected! Less than 1 Mbps download speeds.

Today  we surf at over 300 Mbps using fibre optics, tech that’ll run power over Ethernet. Modems are more sophisticated, routers all singing and dancing to include modems. I just love this stuff. Our TV’s have got smart, artificial intelligence lives in our homes, manages our heating, household electrics, lighting and even toasters, kettles and smart plugs to go with it! We are connected, plugged in to the world wide web through our electronic devices. Gaming, speaking, creating, communicating, working, building, shopping, banking, teaching and connecting, I could go on.

When you leave the house in the morning, do you leave your door wide open? No?

What do you do to protect your house? We close the door and lock it. Why?

when we come home at night, do we leave the door open behind us when we enter? We close the door and lock it.

Many of us have other safeguards around the house like surveillance, double locking on doors, or a door chain. Some people have emergency items by their front door to prevent an intrusion.

Think of the internet in exactly the same way as you wanting to be secure in your home. When you enter the internet, you need to lock the door behind you. When you leave the internet, you need to lock the door behind you and have measures in place to protect your privacy, personal identifiable information, files, photos, address, whereabouts and more.

This is one of many posts I will posting from time to time on computer and internet safety, how you can minimise risk and what types of scams to be aware of.


Spoofing is the act of crooks pretending to be someone else. For example, they may send you an email in one of your friends name asking you to ‘check out this link’. They may mirror an organisation that you shop from or you bank from and send you a convincing looking email pretending to be from the bank and asking you to update your details, log in and so on. When you click the link you are sent to pages that are loaded with malware. Malicious software that includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware.


Phishing attacks are emails/mail with links that try to trick you into giving up your personal details, identifiable information for identity theft, bank details and so on.

Unless you are absolutely sure of the content you are receiving. Do not click on or open any emails you are not expecting.

When checking the email, look at the sender. Click the word sender. Many of these emails will have email address like Or other such like email. Some are Note the miss-spelling and hyphen. The senders ID can be a big giveaway for dodgy emails. If in doubt, contact the purported originator.

Online Banking and emails

Never give out you banking details to anyone. Genuine banking emails will not ask you for your password, bank account number or CVV number (the three number diits on the back of your bank card). Some banks will send you emails and ask that you log into your account to read messages or communicate with the bank. If in doubt, always log in to see notifications or emails from the bank or alternativily contact your bank by phone. NEVER click reply to any emails, or click links within emails that ask you to enter your personal details.

Student finance

It has come to light a recent phishing scam sends out emails to students pretending to be student finance. The email looks genuine and explains that there is an error with your student finance account and that you are entitled to more money. The email provides a link asking students to enter their bank details so that they get paid the extra money. This is a scam. Your details will be used to extract money from your bank account. Do not give out your bank details to anyone. If in doubt, contact the organisation.

Lock your door

There are several anti-virus and firewalls (many of them free too) to install onto your computer and mobile devices (don’t forget your phones and tablets) for protection. My favourite is zone alarm security which is an anti-virus and firewall and security in one and I have the paid-for version. at less than £30.00 a year, there is no excuse. To double up on security, I also use a secondary anti-virus/security software – free version.

Zone Alarm 

Here is a comparison website for firewall and anti-virus software. Many have free versions of their software. Best free anti-virus software.  If you are not familiar with anti-virus or firewall software, do some research on the most simplest to use/automated. Firewalls are a barrier against hackers accessing your machine. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs keep your machine safe from malicious software, spies, identify theft and more.

A way to help the fight against malware and viruses; stay away from hack and crack sites. Piracy and news leeches, peer to peer software; illegal music and video downloads. Many of these ‘free’ software and sites are riddled, absolutely riddled with holes full of spyware and malicious code that people make a consensual choice to download onto their machines.  Software is relatively cheap these days. A lot cheaper than a night out. Subscriptions to music and video is affordable also.

Did you know you could get Amazon prime unlimited for students at £39.00 a year or £3.99 per month. At present Amazon are offering a six-month free trial for students. You get free unlimited fast delivery on prime items, the benefit of prime now which is same day delivery, loads of prime eligible TV/Film and music and super kindle deals too. The point is, purchasing software,  streaming music and video is affordable these days..

Despina Mooney

Go Global: A Maltese Adventure

Choosing my International Internship

In April 2018, I received an email from the Go Abroad team about internships in Asia for LJMU students. You can imagine my excitement, right? I immediately sprang into application mode, and began planning the perfect application for this opportunity. It came to submission and I felt confident in how I had presented myself and succinctly evidenced what I could offer LJMU in allowing me to represent the University in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

I refreshed my emails for weeks on end, waiting for the congratulatory subject line. However, all that I read was; ‘Thank you for your application, unfortunately…’ and my heart completely sank. I went into a state of feeling that I had completely failed. However, was determined to undertake an internship, so I contacted the Go Abroad team and told them my predicament. I didn’t want to spend my second year summer in my part-time job, waiting for someone to come to me with an internship or an idea. It wasn’t going to happen.

Applying for an Erasmus+ Internship

After a few hours of deliberation, I had decided my route. The LJMU Go Abroad team told me of an agency in Malta that the University was in partnership with; ‘Stage Malta’. The team gave me their contact details and told me to apply straight away if I was completely determined to go forward in pursuing an internship. By this point, other students travelling to Malta had already had their places secured by Stage Malta and were pretty much ready for their departure. In essence, I had just over a month to secure a placement, get all my documentation prepared, apply for the Erasmus+ grant, save up enough money to fund my trip, and prepare for the trip of a lifetime. About a week after sending in my application, I had my Skype interview.

Stage Malta were probably the most warm and helpful company I could have imagined to be in partnership with. They guided me through the incredibly swift application process and gave me all the information I needed, including my accommodation options in Malta. When interning in Malta, you can live in a shared house, with a host family, or in a residence, all of which differ in price range. I opted to live in a shared house with my own private bedroom, and used my wages from my part-time job to fund this.

After the interview, I began to research media companies across Malta who I would like to be placed with. However, never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would be placed with the company that I was; I was given an internship at Malta’s national newspaper, The Times of Malta. As you can imagine, I called every single family member I could think of, sharing my excitement. I secured my departure date of the 18th of June with an arrival date back home of the 20th of August. My departure date could not fly around quickly enough. The time in between my placement acceptance and my departure was filled with departure meetings with the Go Abroad team sorting the necessary paperwork to secure my Erasmus+ grant. Finally, my Erasmus+ funding was secured, my documentation was finally completed and it was time for me to jet off on a completely new adventure.

Paradise Bay

Tips for Erasmus+ Internships

The LJMU Go Abroad team are very helpful in guiding students through their internship applications, but here are a few tips I have learned;

  • During my interview, I said that I wanted to pursue journalism or media and communications. However, it is important when having your interview that you give at least two industry preferences, as agencies sometimes cannot secure your number one choice.
  • Research the country you are visiting prior to your interview, especially how your desired industry has developed and generated a presence in the country. This will show that you have made a fully informed decision as to why your desired country will give you the experience and opportunities related to your field.
  • Since working an 8-5 job, I am now fully aware of how much this time away from a workspace can help your creativity flow and help to wind down after a long week. The best way to do this, I found, was to spend time with my housemates and socialise as often as I could. There are lots of travel ideas on the LJMU Go Abroad Instagram!
  • During my Erasmus+ internship, me and my housemates would look for affordable adventures to do as a group every weekend. It’s still possible to travel on a budget!

What I did for my Internship in Malta

The morning I left for my Erasmus+ internship, I experienced every emotion you could think of. It’s a very daunting prospect thinking of being away from home for over two months, with new faces, in a completely new environment, being independent and working in a new industry. Nevertheless, I could not have been more excited.

During my internship at the Times of Malta newspaper, I worked within the editorial department; researching, constructing, and editing pieces for the following day’s newspaper. Our department edited around 16 pages worth of news every day, which meant that I had to work to very strict time constraints. While challenging, the team were wonderful, and gave me help and advice wherever necessary and answered any questions I had.

Not only was trusted with editing, but I was also given the opportunity to provide content for the newspaper. I was published four times in The Times, with my articles ranging from new contemporary art spaces in Malta, to the LGBT community. I was trusted with conducting interviews myself, leaving the office space to retrieve quotes from the locals, and to visit the wonderful spaces I was writing about. You can find links to my articles on the Times of Malta website.

My Monday-Friday routine consisted of me waking up at 6:30am, going to work for an amazing newspaper, and then ending the day at 5pm. My weekends were filled with a new adventure every time Friday evening came around. We had decided as a household to visit somewhere new every Saturday or Sunday, as really, we only had nine sets of weekends to travel around this beautiful island. We visited places such as Valletta, Mellieha, Gozo, St Julian’s, St Paul’s Bay, Mriehel, Mdina, Sliema and many more.

What I Learned from Interning Abroad

The summer I spent interning in Europe was simply life changing. I was given opportunities beyond my wildest dreams, not only in terms of my internship at The Times but also in terms of the chance to see some incredible sights. When working, studying or volunteering abroad, you begin to learn a lot more about yourself than you originally knew. The experience I had shaped and moulded me as not only a human being, but also as an LJMU student. I am now more driven than ever to give more back to this wonderful community and support system, all thanks to the Go Abroad team who were there every step of the way.

The work (and life) during my Erasmus+ internship I will carry with me for life. If I had not had the initial knock back of being unsuccessful for one internship, it would not have driven me to fight for another. Therefore, the best advice I can give to anyone wishing to work abroad is, to never give up – there is always something on the horizon. Just see the Go Abroad Twitter account for a list of the never ending international opportunities for LJMU students.

St Peter's Pool

REVIEW: Piggy In The Middle

Nothing warms our hearts quite so much as the words ‘LJMU alumni production’. The Liverpool Screen School has been a home to some truly amazing work over the years, so when we heard about Piggy In The Middle, a piece written,  performed and directed by LJMU alumni, we were so ready. What we weren’t ready for was how truly colourful and distinct that this performance would be.

The Theatre Face production, handwritten by James McCabe in the year after he graduated, focuses on two siblings; Harvey, played by the energetic and talented Isaac Nixon, is intelligent but unmotivated. Charlotte, played by Sophie Dand – who brilliantly portrayed the many layers to her character, is unable to settle into a secure relationship. Both siblings are facing their own financial and personal impasse, only to be told of their estranged father’s impending death. The siblings both go to visit their father in the hopes of inheriting as much as they can from him, as they have been informed that he intends to donate his wealth and holiday home to charity.

Along the way, our protagonists are met by nightmare taxi drivers; a 7 foot tall ‘Keeper of Doors’ and, of course, their father, played by John Mc, who fully committed to his character, and really rocked the morph suit look. McCabe himself is also a co-founder of Theatre Face, and played an array of supporting roles, alongside Theatre Face co-founder and all round gem of a performer, Gabz Booth and current drama student/rising star, Rebecca McEvilly. Throughout the duration of the play, these actors gave truly memorable and engaging performances, bringing to life characters who you hope will reappear the moment they are off stage.

The piece was directed by Carl James Fowler, a fellow founder of Theatre Face, and combined cleaver dialogue with an eclectic mix of physical theatre styles. What really came across from this production was the love that everyone, both actors and those behind the scenes, had for the play, and their combined dedication to bring it to life in the most dazzling way possible.

From the possibly evil beach ball to everybody’s favourite sociopath ‘Pissy Missy’, this play is full to bursting with fresh characters and dynamic insight into the ways in which families function (or don’t function, as is often the case). Our advice is to keep an eye on Theatre Face, and the many talented members of the Piggy In The Middle cast, because if their first original production is anything to go by, they will go on to do amazing things.

Check out Theatre Face on their many social media platforms:




Hopes, dreams, plans and schemes as The Missing Light tells a charming silent tale

There are so many brilliant performances out there that you come to a point where you wonder what more a theatre company could possibly do to create something unique. To put it simply, Make Mend and Do have found the answer – and it involves tiny toffee apples.

The company, fronted by Liverpool born artistic director Mark Arends, have created one of the most distinctive styles of theatre, using three skilled puppeteers, live video cameras and countless tiny props, they tell a wordless story of loss and of hope in the form of The Missing Light.

What followed upon entrance to the Everyman was a charming, warm, and fascinatingly produced story of a seaside village and eternal love.

“You’re never too old for hopes and dreams, there’s always time for plans and schemes.”  – The Missing Light

The lead character transforms from young to hold, and remains the focal point for an audience spanning all ages. She, her husband, and friend are silent yet speak volumes, encapsulating the audience as they make their way on their journey.

One of the most brilliant aspects of this piece is the company’s ability work together, seamlessly transitioning from scene to scene, giving a deeply personal account of romance and friendship. In 40 minutes you feel every emotion possible, as you become more and more invested in the story of these beautifully crafted puppets.

The Missing Light shows that perfectly, it is an outstanding production.

LJMU students you can access £5 theatre tickets, free pre-show events and free workshops as well as 10% off food and drink. Visit for more information.

10 things you have to do while you’re a student in Liverpool

Whether you’re a first year student new to Liverpool, or PhD student and lived here all your life, we’ve put together a list of things that you can do while you’re studying here at LJMU. You may remember our Liverpool List campaign last year, where we had some brill suggestions on what would be on the Liverpool bucket list. We’ve updated it this year and added some new additions, keeping up with this ever-changing city.

So, a big drum roll please… here are your top 10 things that you need to do while you’re a student in Liverpool!


If there is one reason to visit Liverpool, then shopping must be top of the list. Not only is the city centre jam-packed with all the best high street stores including the UK’s largest open air shopping centre Liverpool ONE, but the city is renowned for its unique boutiques like Cricket in Cavern Walks, where that famous scouse style can be bought. For those (most of us) who tend to go for the cheaper and quirkier look, charity and vintage shops are the way forward. Stroll down Bold Street for a variety of both or go further afield to areas like Crosby and Ormskirk, where the best bargains can be found.


Liverpool is home to some of the best theatres in the country and has produced some of the greatest talents to enter the performing world (mmm…The Beatles, as a name-drop). If you haven’t already, make sure you get your fill of entertainment the city has to offer whether it’s in the huge Echo Arena to the arty Everyman or even in the local’s favourite Royal Court theatre. Whatever your tastes are you can see something special in this city on any day of the week, and as an LJMU student, you get discount to some of the city’s best music and theatre venues.


As for most, university is a whole new experience and we say – why stop there! Trying something new not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, confidence and all-around badassery, but it also is a great way to give your body and brain a bit of a boost. There are so many new things to do around Liverpool and best of all you don’t have to do it alone. Join us and other students on one of our City Social event where each week we will be doing something different around the city, whether it’s going to see a show, film or best view of the city make sure you don’t miss out by seeing the full list and clinking here.


Right in the heart of the city is an oasis of gorgeous views and old fashioned sweetshops. The waterfront is home to the Albert Dock, where you can dine in some up market restaurants, and take in the incredible views. What’s more, you can visit the Tate Liverpool art gallery – one of the most renowned in the world, and as an LJMU student you can enter any exhibit completely free by showing your LJMU student card. You also get 10% off in the café and gift shop – so that’s the Christmas presents sorted!


Can you think of three better things to do with your time? We honestly can’t (and we really tried!). Liverpool is full to the brim with really interesting food and drink places. You can get anything from vegan junk food to Indian tapas. There are also some really cool venues that are definitely worth checking out if you want to be more involved in the scouse night life. The Invisible Wind Factory is a venue unlike any other, which hosts a range of events, including art installations, and full on raves.


It seems as though all you have to do in Liverpool is look up and you’ll have an amazing view. The architecture of the city is unparalleled, and even if you look at the top of high street stores like Marks and Spencer, you will see some beautifully build Georgian buildings. However, sometimes it can be nice to look at things from a different angle. That’s why we love Liverpool Cathedral, where LJMU students get a free ticket for 2 people to go to the observatory in the cathedral completely free. The second person on the ticket doesn’t even have to be a student, so this could be a great place to take Mum on her first visit!


One of the best ways to get to know your way around any city is to go on a city tour. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in Liverpool, there’ll always be somewhere new to discover and loads of interesting pieces of history to learn. The open top bus tours are great for getting a general overlook of the city, whilst spooky Shiverpool can show you a darker side to the city. Your Student Opportunities Team also run a free Culture Crawl so email us to find out when the next one is!


The Baltic Triangle is Liverpool’s creative hub, it’s the centre of all things cool with loads of independent food and drink outlets as well as being home to some of our favourite creatives including Sound City. In the Baltic, you can play the craziest kind of golf at Ghetto Golf, or experience a taste of Liverpool at Independent Liverpool’s recently opened Baltic Market. If you fancy something a bit more riotous, head to Bongo’s Bingo in Camp and Furnace, its bingo with a twist. Head over and see what you can find.


JMSU societies are one of the best ways to get the most out of your student experience. Whether it’s a sport society, an academic society, or one of the many niche societies we have at LJMU, you can guarantee you’ll meet new people and enhance your time in Liverpool. If you’re just in it for a Wednesday night social, then that’s cool, but the chance to try something new with a society is one you really should take up.


Whether you’re a red, a blue or just a general football fan, a trip to Liverpool’s famous stadiums is a must-do. Situated on either side of Stanley Park. Liverpool and Everton’s grounds are both steeped in history, you can visit the stadium on tours, get in amongst the buzz of a match day, or even just wander round yourself to take it all in. There’s a wealth of smaller clubs in and around the city too, teams like Tranmere Rovers on the Wirral, or non-league sides like Southport, Marine and Prescot Cables who offer more affordable match tickets.

We hope you can enjoy some of these brilliant things that Liverpool has to offer – and remember, your Student Opportunities Team are here for all your exclusive LJMU student offers!

NEW Students Opportunities Officer wanted… Come join us!

A new academic year is now in full swing and we’re currently on the look-out for a new Student Opportunities Officer (Digital Engagement) to join us. Would you be interested in the joining the team and answer YES to the following questions?…

  • Have you got digital marketing experience and are a whizz on the good-old social media?
  • Do you love Liverpool and think of yourself as a bit of a culture vulture?
  • Are you chatty, out-going and got what it takes to get LJMU students involved in all the offers and events run by the Student Opps Team?

If you do, then the officer role will be right up your street!!!
Click here to apply.

Check out what our team had to say:


Every day is totally different as you speak to so many students and staff around the uni and have to be quick on your feet to adapt to wherever conversations go, while also promoting offers and events, and signposting to services around the uni.

The perks of the job are definitely going to see free films/shows and also getting involved in fun student events, while also being creative and thinking of ways to get students involved in Liverpool’s culture.

The lovely feedback and making a difference to a student’s experience is what makes the job so rewarding! (Kimberley – Coordinator)

We’re a close knit team, and we all work to try and get students engaged with our cultural partners to make their time at LJMU as enjoyable as possible. (Lewis – Intern)

Working in the Student Opps Team is an amazing experience, we get to engage with students from all different backgrounds, and use the brilliant cultural opportunities that Liverpool. (Marcy – Intern)

For more information about the Student Opportunities Team check out our social media pages @LJMUStudentOpps and also our webpage 

Halloween 2018: Everything you need to experience in Liverpool

It’s that time of year again. Scream masks are everywhere, the Addams Family is playing on repeat and everybody’s radiating spooky vibes – Halloween is upon us, and we are so here for it.

As a famously haunted city, there are few better places to be this Halloween than Liverpool (even if it is on a Wednesday this year). We want to make sure that you make the most out of the spooky festivities, so have compiled a list of the haunts that you absolutely must visit this Halloween.

Psycho at the Philharmonic


A classic movie in an amazing venue – what’s not to love! This movie was shown at the Phil in 2016 and everybody loved it so much that they’re putting it on again, especially for Halloween. What is truly magical about this is that the music will be performed by a live orchestra, so expect many a tense moment underpinned with chilling violin solos, for a mixture of Halloween and culture this is the place to be.

The Giant Lantern Parade and Halloween Ball

Lantern parade

Liverpool’s annual lantern parade is back and it is a must see, whether your big into Halloween or not. The event will take place from the 24th – 26th of October, and will consist of workshops and  dancing, and a host of puppets parading through the park each evening. This year it will all take place in Sefton Park, so if you haven’t seen the park already this is a great opportunity to get yourself down there.



Get ready to shiver your way through Liverpool both metaphorically and literally (we’d recommend gloves and scarves!). This unique tour of the city gives you a view into it’s spooky past, with vibrant characters leading you through Liverpool’s most haunted spots. This really is a special activity, and although the tours run year round, there really is no better time to learn about Liverpool’s creepy past than the season of creepiness!

Pumpkin Picking

pumpkin picking

Halloween simply wouldn’t be the same without spending hours ripping the guts out of some pumpkins. And there really is something wholesome about visiting a genuine pumpkin patch. Luckily for us, Liverpool’s first pumpkin picking patch, Lydiate, opened earlier this month. You can enter Church View Farm’s patch completely free, with pumpkins starting at just £10. What’s more – there will also be Donkey rides and Hay bales – for the more PG rated Halloween activates – this is definitely one to bring the family to.

Frankenstein – How to Make a Monster


If you’re like us and want to drag Halloween out for as long as physically possible, then head on down to the Everyman between the 9th-10th November to see BAC Beat-box Academy recreate this scary old tale through the medium of beat-box. The group use nothing but their voices and microphones to explore the idea of modern monsters – a unique performance that is certain to stick in your minds. What’s more – as an LJMU student you can get tickets for just £5, and you get a 10% discount in the cafe if you show your LJMU student ID card – amazing!

Ghoulies Haunted House Halloween Event


No one knows how to throw a shindig quite like JMSU – as we saw last week at the amazing Embrace the Melanin event. Whether you are an SU regular, or you’ve never even stepped foot in a social zone, why not head down to this, frankly terrifying sounding, haunted house? This immersive horror event is sure to give you those Halloween feels.

Jason & The Argonauts

jason and argonauts.png

Don’t fancy facing the creepy festivities on the 31st? Why not join us on out City Social to see Jason & The Argonauts? The YEP theater company have produced some fantastic work in the past, and this show is set to be no different- with the performance on Wednesday being completely sold out! Luckily, we have some tickets left, so email if you want to come along for FREE!

We hope you have a fabulous Halloween and enjoy some of the spook-tacular events that Liverpool has to offer. Be sure to check out our social media pages to keep up to date on our offers, and have a flick through our semester one booklet, which gives you all of the information about your exclusive offers and discounts!

Go global with LJMU

As an LJMU student, you have plenty of international opportunities to delve into. With opportunities to study, work and volunteer abroad, and the LJMU Go Abroad team on hand to help along the way, you can’t pass up these chances to enhance your CV and explore the world.

If you want to go abroad with LJMU, our advice is to start researching now. Many applications for studying, working and volunteering abroad launch in January, and some of the programmes are pretty competitive, so it’s best to plan your trip now, so you are ready to send in a successful application when the time comes. Look into your options, update your CV and make sure your application writing skills are up to scratch. You can find application forms on the LJMU Go Abroad website when programmes launch and you can stay up to date with the opportunities available on the @LJMUGlobalOpps Instagram.

Students who go abroad are 19% more likely to gain a 1st in their degree

Studying Abroad with LJMU

LJMU students are able to study abroad for a semester in second year or for a sandwich year, in between second and third year. With over 100 partner universities throughout Europe and America, there are many options to choose from. You could be studying in the sunshine or living the American dream, all whilst gaining credit to count towards your degree at LJMU and boosting your chances of employment after graduation.

Follow @LJMUGlobalOpps on Twitter to be made aware of the information sessions the Go Abroad team hold, where you can learn all the essential details, and speak to your School’s International Mobility Coordinator (IMC), who will help you work out which host university is best for you. Your IMC can also help you choose modules and select dates to work around your studies.

LJMU International Summer Schools

LJMU also offer international summer schools; perfect if you want to study abroad but don’t want to be away from home for too long. In 2018, LJMU students travelled to China, Peru, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, each for one to two weeks, to take part in academic and cultural summer schools. The University paid for students’ flights, visas and accommodation, making the international summer schools as accessible as possible. Each year, the locations and classes change, so keep an eye on @LJMUGlobalOpps to see if your course is taking part this year.

“Whilst in such a breath-taking country, I was able to appreciate the dedication and drive that the University of Sharjah students had towards their studies. I gained valuable skills and a new-found drive to succeed.”

– Student from this year’s cohort to the University of Sharjah

Working Abroad with LJMU

Each year, LJMU students have the opportunity to complete an internship abroad, whether in Europe under the Erasmus+ traineeship scheme, or further afield with LJMU’s worldwide internships. In 2018, 12 LJMU students completed two-month-long internships in various industries in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and Tokyo, Japan. Students were provided with flights, visas, accommodation, support and the chance to travel the surrounding areas on the weekends – it’s no wonder this scheme is competitive. Speak to your IMC or an LJMU Careers advisor for advice on how to create a successful application. The @LJMUGlobalOpps Instagram account is the place to go to find out where you could be working this summer.

“Working in Vietnam was a wonderful experience and one that I would not have been able to enjoy without the help of LJMU’s Go Abroad team. I have grown professionally and personally, developing new skills and memories which I will carry with me in my future endeavours.”

– Student from this year’s cohort in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you want to try your hand at something a little closer to home, the Erasmus+ scheme will be perfect for you. Erasmus+ internships can be 2-12 months in length and almost anywhere in Europe. You can source your own internship or speak to the Go Abroad team about their partners in Malta. The Go Abroad team can also help you apply for an Erasmus+ grant to support your time in Europe.

Examples of previous Erasmus+ internships undertaken by LJMU students:

  • Architecture students working on church restoration projects in Austria
  • Media student covering MTV awards in Malta
  • Law students undertaking research projects at the University of Malaga
  • Laboratory research project in Spain and Malta for bioscience students
  • Content provider for The Times in Malta for an English, Media and Cultural studies student

“My trip to Malta was incredibly eye opening. I made friends for life, all from various backgrounds and cultures, and I got the chance to explore some of the most beautiful places. I worked for an amazing company who trusted me with more than I could have expected. Thank you, LJMU!”

– Media Intern in Birkirkara, Malta

Volunteering Abroad with LJMU

Finally, if you want to give back to the community – and we don’t just mean your community, but anywhere in the world – you can do so by undertaking a voluntary project and applying for LJMU’s Go Global fund. There are lots of projects to choose from, including the popular Think Pacific placement in Fiji, or you can organise your own independent project, like volunteering with female community health workers in Nepal or working with elephants in Cambodia, as some LJMU students have previously done. Applications for funding open in January, and the Go Abroad team will be announcing more information on the available opportunities soon.

If any of these international opportunities sound interesting, the Go Abroad team hold talks throughout the year about what is on offer for you, and will be holding a huge launch event on 23rd January at the Everyman Theatre. Check out the Go Abroad team’s social media for more information.

Alternatively, you can email with any queries!

By Faye Clark





Irish folk bliss as Ye Vagabonds transfix Philharmonic Music Room

In the quiet Hope Street gallery that is the Liverpool Philharmonic’s Music Room, it was the turn of Irish brothers Ye Vagabonds to stun a lucky few. Diarmuid and Brían Mac Gloinn quaintly took to the stage before an exhibition of Irish and Scottish folk covers with anecdotes to match.

The duo are an album and an EP in, and it was the opening track of their self-titled debut album that had previously received perhaps the greatest compliment. The lads were made aware by a Mother at a previous show that opening track ‘Go Where You Will’ had become somewhat of a gay anthem for her and her daughter, and described them dancing around the room singing, “love who you will love, who you will love” together.

It was one of many times the audience were invited to share the songs, Brían at one point led the room in an Irish meditation process, which ended in collective humming as Ye Vagabonds eased into another violin and fiddle number. Each song thereafter accompanied by a note on its origin, its story, and even an invitation to work out its true meaning, as with ‘Pomegranate’.

“That’s the first time that’s happen”, said Brían as the Liverpool crowd forced them back on for an encore with rapturous applause, “we happen to know two more songs”, luckily. Members of the audience included anyone from international students to older, loyal Ye Vagabonds fans enjoyed the conclusion of a terrific set.

After those, another bout of applause, and the duo made their way into the bar to recieve thanks from almost every member of the audience. They have a new album due for March, accompanied by a Liverpool date, a second chance for anyone that wasn’t fortunate enough to catch them this time.

Ye Vagabonds came to Liverpool as part of Liverpool Irish Festival, find details of some of our highlights of #LIF2018 you can’t miss here.